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Organization chart for Scot Bemis, vice chancellor for human resources & institutional equity

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Claire Johnson

Program Coordinator

Alicia Acklin

Business Analyst II

Julie-Ellen Acosta, MS

Associate Vice Chancellor, Learning, Leadership, and Organization Development & ILE

Ashley Adams

HR Data Management Coordinator

Juman Al Bukhari, PhD, EdD

Senior Consultant, Learning and Development

Sandy Allen

HRMS Specialist – Benefits

Lindsey Alt

Director, Leadership Development & Institute for Leadership Excellence (ILE)

Michelle Anderson

Program Coordinator, Medical Apprenticeships

Morgan R. Anderson

Benefits Service Center

Medical Apprenticeships

Medical Apprenticeships Programming

Donna M. Avalos

WUSM HR Data Management Coordinator

Sarah Babcock

Communications Specialist I

Carla Bailey, MBA

Director, Learning and Development

Jamie Ball

Human Resources Consultant

Stacy Belton

HRIS – Business Analyst V – Payroll – Workday HCM

Scot R. Bemis

Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Institutional Equity

Linda Boman

HRIS – Business Analyst IV – Benefits – Workday HCM

Tina A. Brammer-Thomas

Senior Compensation Analyst

Justin Brasel

Senior Manager, Retirement Plans

Coren Brown

Human Resources Consultant

Erika Carmichael

Business Analyst IV – Workday Human Capital Management

Lisa Cartier

HRIS – Business Analyst IV – Workday HCM

Candice Cass

Recruiter Generalist

Kathy Clark

Director of Medical Apprenticeships

Lanelle Coleman

Senior Human Resources Consultant

Glenn Conklin

Senior Consultant, Organization Development

Jessie Cox

Apprenticeship Generalist

Megan Crowe

Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Alexis Crumer

Senior HR Specialist – OHIDS

Betty Dahmer

HRIS – Business Analyst III

Brandie L. Davis

Senior Specialist, HRIS/HR Operations

Tammy M. DeBeaux

HRIS – Data Integrity Analyst – Workday HCM

Margo A. Doherty

Leave Management Specialist

Nancy Donohoo

Senior Consultant, University Executive Recruitment

Michelle Duke

Senior Manager, Health and Welfare and Leaves of Absence

Patrick Eberle

Service Now Triage Specialist

Lisa Eberle-Mayse, MA

Child and Family Care Facilitator

Kari Eckelkamp

Lead Recruiter/Early Talent Partnerships

Stella Elder

Director, HR Operations

Andrew Erdmann

Human Resources Consultant

Mimi Evans

Recruiting Assistant

Laura Ficken

Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Joe Frank, PhD

Director, Human Resources Executive Reporting and Compliance

Hunter Freie

I-9 Associate

Jennifer Gang

Senior Benefits Coordinator

Robert Garr

Administrative Assistant III Learning, Leadership, Organization Development & ILE

Randyycia (Randy Garrett

Business Analyst II – Workday Human Capital Management

Jay Garrison

I-9 Coordinator

James Gebken

Human Resources Consultant

Ashley Gibson

Senior Consultant, Learning and Development

Apryle M. Gladney

Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and MyDay HCM Business Leader

Lorena Goff

Recruitment Consultant

Ronetta L. Graham

Recruitment Consultant

Elly Grant

Recruiting Assistant

Patricia L. Gray

Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources Systems

Jessica Grimes

HRIS – Workday Service Delivery Lead

Lynn Grimshaw-Maitz

HRIS – Finance Change Management/Communications Specialist

Jessi Gunby

Benefits Service Center Representative I

Brittany Gunn

WUSM HR Data Management Team Lead

Ruth M. Hagen

HR Data Audit Lead

Jennifer Hahn

HR Data Management Team Lead

Tracy Halley

HR Data Management Coordinator

Nick Hebel

HRIS – Workday Support Process Owner/Triage Specialist

Peggy Heck

Senior Benefits Coordinator-Leaves

Amanda Sue Hedrich

WUSM HR Data Management Team Lead

John Henderson

Senior Manager, Benefits Service Center

Katy Henke, MA

Manager, HR Communications and Employee Engagement

Kathleen Hennen

Service Delivery Supervisor

Joanie Hill

Recruitment Consultant

Erin Hogan

Senior HR Project Manager

Denise Howard

HRIS – Workday Advanced Compensation and Talent Management Business Analyst

Jennifer Huck

HRIS – Business Analyst – Recruiting and Onboarding – Workday HCM

Katie Hunze

Benefits Service Center Representative I

Megan Janke, PhD

Recruitment Consultant – Research

Joanna S. Johnson

Recruitment Operations Lead

Timothy Jones

Supervisor HR Operations Visa Services

Jessica Kacich

Recruitment Specialist

Larry Kammien, Ph.D.

Organization Development Consultant

Nicole Kirsh

Technical Training Specialist

Rachel Kluender

HRIS – Workday Finance Training Lead

Nikki Koehnemann, MPA

Senior HR Communications Specialist

Thomas G. Kraft

Director, Compensation

Meg Krejci, MBA

Wellness Consultant for Mindfulness

Ellen Levine, MEd

Organization Development Consultant

Jess Li

Senior HR Research Analyst

Mary Ann Lockett

Senior Compensation Analyst

Caralee Lynch, MA

Wellness Coordinator

Christy MacLachlan

HR Data Management Team Lead

Amanda Marling

HR Leave Management Specialist

Keyonah McCray

Human Resources Consultant