Explore our financial well-being tools and resources, set goals, and connect with one of our financial wellness consultants to prepare a solid foundation for your future.

Enrich | Financial Education Platform

Enrich | Financial Education Platform

Enrich is a new employee benefit designed to help you assess your financial well-being and learn effective strategies to achieve your goals.

Resources Include:

Financial “Check-Up” and “Money Personality” assessments

Personalized and interactive finance courses

Hundreds of videos, articles and tools on various financial topics

Mindfulness practices to help you make conscious decisions about money

Live support from certified personal finance coaches

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TIAA Consultants & Tools

TIAA Consultants & Tools

TIAA partners with WashU for your retirement saving plan, and offers workshops, tools and individual consultation.

One-on-One Consulting
Discuss your personal financial needs with our team of WashU/TIAA certified financial consultants and learn how you can take action now to plan for the future you want.

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TIAA Financial Tools & Resources

Lower Student Loan Payments

Federal Student Aid Support

If you are using the U.S. Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid program to request and confirm eligibility for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF), please send inquiries to HROpsServices@email.wustl.edu.

Savi Support

For employer verification of program eligibility, email  HROpsServices@email.wustl.edu

WashU has partnered with Savi and TIAA to help employees manage their student loan repayment options and eligibility for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program. This federal program is designed to reduce the burden of student loan debt for people who work in public service. 

Financial Well-Being News

Financial literacy series

A series of monthly posts designed to break down financial topics into bite-sized pieces

Resources to Support Employee Transitions

Set yourself up for success by utilizing the resources in place through Human Resources to best support yourself, whether as a new employee, if you’re transitioning into a new role or planning to retire soon. 

More Financial Well-Being News

Webinars & Events

Join Benefits, HR Representatives, TIAA and external experts on events about personal finance, retirement planning, women & investing, college saving and more!

Well-Being Calendar

Additional Tools & Resources

Saving for Retirement
WashU contributes to the 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan on behalf of eligible employees.  Learn more about this critical benefit to ensure you’re on track to living the life you want in retirement.

Tuition Assistance
WashU offers a dependent child tuition assistance program for eligible employees, but it won’t cover all of the costs of attending college.  Visit savingforcollege.com to learn more about savings vehicles that can help you fund education costs.

Retiring from WashU
As a benefits-eligible employee of Washington University in St. Louis, you are eligible for various benefits when you retire. Review the Planning for Your Retirement Guide.

Investing Basics
New to investing? Learn the meaning of common financial terms or get help creating a long-term investment strategy by using TIAA’s Retirement Advisor tool.

Will Preparation
Optional term life coverage provides employees and their spouse/domestic partner access to will preparation services to prepare and update a basic will, living will and power of attorney. View Will Preparation Information (PDF).

Additionally, as a part of our EAP services, EstateGuidance provides an online template to help you prepare reliable legal documents from your home or office at a discounted rate. The service includes support to create a Last Will and Testament, Living Will, or Final Arrangements. Once you have completed your will, you can make unlimited free revisions.

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