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Organization chart for Scot Bemis, vice chancellor for human resources & institutional equity

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Eileen McGhee

HR Data Management Coordinator

Carolyn McIntyre

HR Data Audit Coordinator

Theresa McNair

WUSM Time/Comp Data Management Coordinator

Ashley Elizabeth McTyer

Senior Human Resources Specialist

Lynn Meisemann

Administrative Professional

Amy Rogers Meyer

WUSM HR Data Management Team

Ashley Minton

Business Analyst V – Workday Human Capital Management

Gabe Mueller

Communications and Event Coordinator

Javier (Jay) Muniz

HRIS-Business Analyst IV – Workday Human Capital Management

Kimberly Michelle Nash

Organization Development Specialist

Andrea Nelson, MBA

Director, Organization Development

Katie Nolen

Specialist, Learning and Development

Rylee Ogg-Moore

HR Data Management Team Lead

Tanya Oliphant

HRIS – Digital Adoption Lead

Kimberly Olivastro

Senior Benefits Coordinator

HR Operations

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Emily Page, MS

Sr. Manager, Employee Wellness and Family Care

Andrea Palacios

HR Data Management Coordinator

Cindy Paluczak

HRIS – Business Analyst III – Security – Workday HCM

Anthony Panozzo

Compensation Analyst

Kevin Pelzel, JD

Senior Human Resources Consultant

Kathleen Pimentel

HR Data Management Team Lead

Egypt Powell

Business Analyst II – Workday Human Capital Management

Maya Pratt

Program Coordinator, Medical Apprenticeships

Kim Price

CFU Data Management Coordinator

Mark Prosperi

Executive Director, Talent Management

Katie Puglisi

Recruitment Outreach and Training Specialist

Daniel Quiros

HRIS- Business Analyst III – Workday Human Capital Management

Deborah Rich

HRIS – Payroll Parallel Functional Lead

Lauren Richards

Executive Search Coordinator

Anysa G. Rieder

HR Data Audit Coordinator

Jenna Rikard

HRIS – Business Analyst IV – Workday Human Capital Management

Shawna Riley

WUSM Time/Comp Data Management Coordinator

Matt Roberts

HRIS – Business Analyst II – Academic Appointments and Security – Workday HCM

Theresa M. Roberts

Manager, HR Operations, Academic and WUSM HR

Michelle Robertson

Technical Training Specialist

Monica Black Robinson

Consultant, Learning and Development

Hollie Rodriguez

Recruiter/Trainer, Workforce Training and Medical Apprenticeships

Matthew Roser

HRIS – Business Analyst II- Benefits – Workday HCM

Peggy Rotarius

Senior Compensation Specialist

Jessica A. Roth

HRIS- Business Analyst II – Compensation – Workday HCM

Vicki Ruh

WUSM Time/Comp Data Management Coordinator

Kristy Runge

HRIS – Director, Workday Change Management

Mary Ruzicka

Senior Consultant, Compensation

Mary Ryan

HRIS – Change Management/Communications Lead

Kim Sander

Project Administrator – Non-Appointee Process

Alexander Sasenbury

HRIS – Digital Adoption Specialist

Julie L. Satory

Senior Benefits Coordinator Leaves

Jennifer S. Schaefer, MBA, SPHR

Associate Vice Chancellor, Benefits and Compensation

Sherry Scheer

Recruitment Consultant

Viktoryia Igarauna Schnose, Ph.D.

HRIS – Business Analyst III – Reporting Analyst – Workday HCM

Amy Sears

HRIS – Human Capital Management Training Lead

Susan Senecal

Compensation Specialist

Recruitment Services

Job postings, background checks and drug screens, and general Recruitment questions, etc.

Theo Sharp

Benefits Service Center Representative

Courtney Shells

Apprenticeship Generalist

Brytnee Shelton

HR Data Management Coordinator

Danny Sikora

Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Annette Marie Slane

Senior Project Manager

Paige Sneed

Benefits Service Center Representative I

Hannah Song

Visa Specialist

Catie Sova

Recruiter/Trainer, Workforce Training & Medical Apprenticeships

Lindsay Stallski, Ph.D.

Senior Human Resources Research Analyst

Leanne Stewart, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Employee Relations

Melinda Stitzel

Program Manager, Leadership Development and ILE

Cristian Stowers

Instructional Designer

Emily Strong

Wellness Coordinator

Mike Sullivan

Senior Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Natasha Tasson

Consultant Organization Development

LaShon Taylor

Recruiter Generalist

Theresa Thierath

Human Resources Consultant

John Thomas

Consultant Organization Development

Keunta Thomas

Senior Human Resources Specialist

Kerry Thompson

HR Coordinator II

Cynthia Turner

HRIS – Change Management/Communications Specialist

Nannette Vaughn

Assistant Director, Employee Relations

Chris Vega

HRIS – Business Analyst III – Workday Human Capital Management

Paul Vitale

Administrative Assistant II

Nichole Walker, HRM

Senior Employee Engagement Specialist

Damien Weathersby

HRIS – HCM Core Lead

Heidi White

Human Resources Consultant

Kim Whitling

Sr. Compensation Consultant

Greg Widner

Human Resources Consultant – Analyst

Debbie Williams

HRIS – Administratve Assistant III

Twanna Wiltz

HRIS – Workday Service Delivery Lead – Human Capital Management

Kathy Wimbish

Human Resources Consultant

Angie Winkler

Coordinator Recruitment/Sourcing

Nicole L. Wittlich

Manager, HR Operations, CFU

Scott Wright

HRIS – Coordinator, OCM