Fostering a welcoming, inclusive university community

Human Resources support efforts to create a diverse and inclusive culture.

Diversity Training

Through diversity training, employees can participate in four levels of training, starting with Diversity and Inclusion 1.0. Each level builds on concepts to help participants grow and work toward a concrete approach for creating positive change within their school, department, campus and even the external community. In the end, employees can leave with a plan of action. Learn more.

Resources for Managers

Diversity Hiring Manager Toolkit

Find resources to help you recruit and hire diverse talent. Learn more.

Unconscious Bias Training for Managers

Washington University is seeking to improve diversity and inclusion ensuring that hiring managers are part of the process. This workshop is designed to engage hiring managers in instituting goals, acknowledgement, and rewards. Learn more.

WashU Diversity Passport Program

Introducing the new Staff Passport Program! Designed to align with faculty and student programs already in place, this program offers recognition and rewards to staff for participation in diversity and inclusion offerings and events. Participation is easy. Register for any segment of the event online through Learn@Work ( to receive credit for your participation.  

If you participate in eight program offerings, you will earn a Diversity & Inclusion Certificate of Participation. Other offerings include, but are not limited to, diversity trainings or workshops, diversity initiatives delivered on the university campuses, and other Diversity & Inclusion events.  

Featured Events

Check Your Blind Spots Tour Bus Comes to WashU on March 21 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. View more information.

WashU Night at the Fox – The Color Purple on March 27 at 7:30 p.m. Special discount available to WashU employees. View details