Step 1: Exploring Open Positions

Where can I go to explore new opportunities (positions, internships, etc.) or further develop my career skills?

WashU has multiple options in place for exploring new opportunities and making sure you can grow and develop within your career pathway.

  • All of our staff positions are listed on our job website; once on this site, you can click ‘Search Jobs’
    • If you are a current employee, please consult the “Frequently Asked Questions (Internal Applicants/Current Employees)”
  • If you are a current student or alumni of WashU, please feel free to get in contact with any of our school career services:
  • If you are seeking an internship opportunity and are not a student, alumni, or employee of WashU, please get in contact with the Dean’s Office of the School for which you are interested in interning. Also, our Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences for internship opportunities both within and outside of biology research.
  • For faculty, postdoc and academic postings, please see the question below.
How do I create an account/ find open positions at WashU?
  • All of our staff are listed on our job website:
  • If you are not a current WashU employee, click on “Sign In” found in the upper right-hand corner to create your candidate home account. Then click ‘Create Account’.
    • Provide an email address and password. Read the terms and conditions statement, check the box, and complete creating your account. 
    • If you are a current WashU employee, see to “Frequently Asked Questions (Internal Applicants/Current Employees)”
  • To apply to open job requisitions from your candidate home account, a list of open job requisitions may already appear on your screen. If not, click ‘Search for Jobs’ in the upper right corner.
  • From the list of job openings, you may search by keyword, or filter openings by Full/Part Time, Job Type, Job Category, Job Family or by distance.
  • Once you find a job that interests you, make sure you meet the Required Qualifications. Click the “Apply” button and begin the application. Upload your resume and supporting documents, list your education and experience, and complete all required additional information.
  • Before submitting an application, please review all the information you have provided and make sure the correct documents have been uploaded. You will be unable to make any changes to your resume once it has been submitted. Click “Submit.”


Please keep in mind that if you are unable to navigate or access the application system, it might be due to the browser version you are using. Try closing all other browser windows you have open and try again. If the error persists, try using a different internet browser and make sure it is up to date. Try temporarily disabling pop-blockers. It is recommended to use Chrome as your internet browser.

I am interested in/am applying for an academic/faculty position, how can I check on the status of my application or get in touch with the appropriate person?

Academic, faculty, teaching, postdoc, etc. positions are managed entirely by the designated school within the university. Our recruitment team does not have established communication into the status of their hiring process. If you are interested in any faculty/academic positions at Washington University in St. Louis, we encourage you to contact the Dean’s office of the school in which you are interested. While you may see some faculty positions posted at, not all schools post faculty positions to this site.

  • You may refer to the relevant school’s individual web page accessible through the main university website, located at
  • Prospective Washington University School of Medicine faculty may find postings at
  • Prospective postdoctorals can find more information at

If you have submitted an application or have had previous contact about a position, please follow up with your previous point of contact.

Step 2: Applying for Positions

I just applied for a position, what should I expect in the recruitment process?

Once you successfully submit your application, the system will generate a message that your application was successfully submitted. To confirm submission, please refer to the “Candidate Home” tab. There you will see the title of the job posting as well as an application status listed. 

Please know that when you apply for a specific position, your application information is immediately accessible by the hiring manager(s) associated with that position at the same time that it is accessible by HR Recruitment.

Status of an Application

  • Status information of an application is available in the “Candidate Home” tab under the “Submitted Applications” section.
  • The Status will update automatically as your application progresses in the process or is declined.
How do I upload a cover letter or additional documents?

For each application you submit, you may upload pertinent documents.  This could include resume/CV, cover letter, work samples, certifications, etc.

When you upload your resume, the application system will parse the resume information including contact information, work experience, and education into the appropriate fields in the application.  Review the information and make edits as necessary.

Please keep in mind that once an application has been submitted for a particular position, you will not be able to change the uploaded document or make any changes to that submission.

Can I make any changes to an application I already submitted?

Unfortunately, no. All applications become permanent record in the system following the submission to a particular position. Because of this, the system will not allow any changes or edits to an application that has been submitted for that position.

However, you may update your personal data for future applications, such as your name, address, and phone number by going to the “Candidate Home” tab and Edit Account Settings” in the lower right corner.

You may withdraw your application if you desire for any reason from the “Candidate Home” tab under Submitted Applications -> Manage -> Withdraw Application. 

Help! I forgot my User Name and password.

If you forget your password please follow the “Forgot your password” link found on the Sign In pop up window. You will be asked to enter your email address and will shortly receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

I have not received an update about a position I applied/interviewed for, how should I proceed?

Due to the large volume of inquiries and applications we receive, the hiring managers and recruiters are unfortunately not able to follow up/meet directly with everyone who has applied.

You can check your application status at any time on the Candidate Home tab under Submitted Applications under the Status column.  This status will update automatically as you move forward to interviews, reference checks, offers, or if declined for the position.

Application and resume documentation you provided will be reviewed as a possible fit for the needs of a position for which you have applied.  Should you be selected to move forward in the process, someone will reach out to you directly to discuss your background and qualifications.

Hiring managers often have highly demanding schedules, and so it may be awhile before they are able to begin reviewing candidates. In addition, some positions may receive well over 100 applicants, and so it may take additional time to review everyone that has applied.

If your question was not addressed or you need additional assistance, please contact the Recruitment Team at