Washington University is an evolving workplace where people do important work. How we carry out that work varies, but the constant is that we foster a positive, respectful, inclusive environment where people thrive, personally and professionally.

To support diverse needs and varying workplace experiences and environments, the resources and tools below are designed to help employees and managers navigate daily work, build meaningful relationships and achieve individual and team success. From technology, scheduling and work modalities to connection and balance, you’ll find a diverse array of support for an optimal employee experience and community. 

Work Arrangements

The Flexible Work Arrangement Policy outlines options for managers and employees to address operational and personal needs.


Stay part of the team from a fixed offsite location.


Balance work
both onsite
and remote.


A schedule for personal and department needs. 

Our Workplace

Operating in a New Normal

Like many other employers, the university is finding the need to prepare itself and its workforce for transition back to a ‘new normal’. This new normal  places most of us back on campus, where we interface with students to deliver a robust residential student experience, or treat patients and conduct research that deliver world class patient care outcomes and push the boundaries of what we know. A university strives best to achieve these things together.

WashU Guiding Principles

Washington University established guiding principles to help managers make decisions under the flexible work arrangements policy. These principles are guided by a commitment to the well-being of our employees, which is rooted in trust and a desire to have positive working relationships as we work together to carry out university missions.

Creating an Evolving Workplace Together

The four core sections above focus on work models and flexible work arrangements. Each model includes specific resources and training for how to manage and work in remote and hybrid models. You can also find information on setting schedules and successfully carrying out work with flexibility.

A key point? In the evolving workplace, we are not re-creating the old world in the new. We are on a new path and we can move forward with intention, strength, innovation and momentum. Be nimble, flexible and have patience and grace with yourself, colleagues and teams. We are in this together. Even in extreme circumstances, we found ways to carry out our missions. We can solve problems and create a thriving workplace where we continue to achieve success.

Navigate the Workplace

For Managers: Grow Yourself & Your Team

HR Develop & Learn

Register for staff and manager classes to help you and your team evolve.

Employee Well-Being

Take care of yourself and your teams. WashU offers mental health, wellness, family care and work-life support.