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We hope you are all well and staying safe in these unique times. All in-person instructor-led classes have been postponed. HR’s Learning & Development team encourages employees working remotely to make professional development activities part of their remote work strategy to align with your current position and desired career goals.

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Remember, we are all in this together! We are learning together. We suggest conducting a Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting with other managers or with your team members to share their best practices on how they are effectively working from home. 


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LinkedIn Learning

Complete one or more of the suggested LinkedIn Learning courses or learning paths to advance your skills for your current job and for your career growth goals. Upon completion of a lesson or course, we recommend you take a few moments to reflect on your learning insights and make a learning action plan. Also, we recommend you learn with and from others by inviting your team members, colleagues, or peers to form a small group or cohort to take selected courses together. When the group completes a lesson or course, host a ZOOM or Microsoft Teams post learning group discussion to share key learning insights and strategies for applying the learning going forward.

Human Resources and Washington University IT have partnered to provide all current faculty and staff at Washington University free access to LinkedIn Learning, an online learning resource with thousands of top-quality engaging courses offered in multiple languages. LinkedIn Learning is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn leadership, business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional growth goals.

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Recommended Courses

Technical Skills

Microsoft Excel

Excel Essential Training

Harness the power of Excel Formatting Techniques

Microsoft PowerPoint

Essential Training Office 365

Data Driven Presentations with Excel & PowerPoint

Microsoft Word

What You Need to Know

Word Advanced Tips and Tricks

 Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Essential Training

Efficient Email Management

Microsoft Project

Project Essential Training

Mastering Microsoft Project Graphical Reports

Note: Other versions are available beyond Office 365 via search option

Harvard Business Review

Washington University faculty and students have full text access to the Harvard Business Review. For individual learning, we recommend you select and read article(s) either from the above listed competencies, related to your job specific skills, or desired development goals. After reading an article(s), take time to intentionally reflect on your key learning take-a-ways and make an action plan of how you will apply learning going forward. For social learning, we recommend inviting other staff, team members, colleagues, or peers to read selected article(s) together as a group. Then, host a Zoom or Microsoft Teams discussion group to share key learning insights and strategies on how to apply the learning going forward with one another.

Select and link below and click on Business Source Complete

Access the Harvard Business Review

WashU Development & Learn Website

Did you know our HR Learning and Development website provides a wide range of curated learning resources to help you enhance your abilities, skills and knowledge?

Under the Online Learning and Career Development sections there are many resources to help you build skills to enhance your job performance, advance your career, prepare for new assignments, and adapt to the dynamic organizational challenges to support the university’s mission.

We recommend you take the opportunity to conduct a career check-up by scheduling a free ZOOM career coaching session through our career consultation services.


Learn@Work is the University’s cloud based learning management system that provides compliance based training, professional development, and other instructional information to Washington University employees.

Compliance Profile
To get started in Learn@Work please complete the Compliance Profile to maintain compliance with all training requirements. The Compliance Profile is a short, web-based questionnaire required for all faculty and staff that identifies and assigns mandatory training. Log in to Learn@Work, go to Browse, and select Compliance Profile.

Code of Conduct
Have you completed the university’s required Code of Conduct Annual Recertification in Learn@Work? The certification period begins each year on January 1 and has a requested annual completion date of March 31. Instructions to complete this certification.

Office Safety Training
Basic office safety training is required for all faculty and staff at Washington University. If you haven’t already completed this, log in to Learn@Work and use the search function to locate the course, General Administrative Office Safety Training. Complete this course to ensure basic safety at work or at home.

Internal Development Partner Resources

Free Webinar Events

  • VitalSmart
    Join VitalSmart for their free webinar series on Crucial Skills for Crucial Times. In five, 45-minute sessions, author Joseph Grenny, along with Master Trainers Emily Gregory and Justin Hale, will share skills for helping you, your people, and your organization minimize risk, increase safety, and adapt and be effective in this crucial and unprecedented time. For dates and times, please visit their website.
  • Institute for Management Studies (IMS)
    Visit the Institute for Management Studies (IMS) website for many free webinars.


We are here to support you.

The Learning and Development team is grateful for the opportunity to support our Washington University leaders and employees as you navigate your temporary new remote work environments. Throughout this time we will continue to develop and provide additional virtual and online resources for you to access remotely. Remember, we are all in this together. We want you to know we are here for you.

Contact us at with any questions or to request additional development resources and recommendations to help you continue to grow.

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