O U R   V I S I O N

Washington University Human Resources will be a strategic partner in delivering the university’s missions through an unwavering focus on the people who make it great.

O U R   M I S S I O N

Washington University Human Resources fosters a valuable employee experience focused on integrated and holistic well-being. We empower people to thrive, personally and professionally.

The Washington University Employee Experience

As HR embarked on a transformational roadmap, a customer-centric framework was developed to help align our HR functions and goals with a core holistic well-being and employee engagement strategy.

The employee experience framework includes five areas of focus, concentrating on the dynamic relationship between all facets of well-being and the diverse needs of people. The employee experience spans many important areas, including work-life integration, growth and development, physical and mental health, financial well-being and a vibrant, inclusive culture and community. This framework embraces helping people thrive, personally and professionally, and empowers employees to engage, take care of themselves and their families, achieve success in a meaningful career and live out their life’s purpose at WashU.

 Mind/Body – enable employees to focus on their personal health and wellness.

Financial well-being – provide support and education for a sound financial future.

Work-Life support – help employees achieve balance in their work and personal life, from family care to employee assistance program to time off and leave.

Inclusive culture and vibrant community – foster a diverse and inclusive culture that is engaging and focused on pride, purpose, appreciation, recognition and belonging.

Learning and development – empower employees to learn, grow and excel in their career.

Our Goals

  1. Develop a model process to find great people, resulting in a diverse and highly skilled workforce.
  2. Strengthen Washington University employee engagement in the delivery of university’s missions.
  3. Develop great leaders and managers to exemplify WashU values, inspire employee engagement and creatively meet business challenges.
  4. Create a strong and capable HR organization which acts as a strategic partner to the organization, understands its needs and challenges and delivers the right solutions.
  5. Support efforts to create a diverse and inclusive culture.