The institute supports ongoing development of leadership competencies that prepare employees for management and leadership roles within the institution and promotes a philosophy of an inclusive growth mindset.  

Please note the information displayed online reflects the 2023-2024 cohorts for ELP and LEAD.

Applications for fall 2024 cohorts will open in early May. If you have an interest in the fall 2024 application process, sign up here to be notified via email with more information and an application link when it becomes available. If you have any questions, please email

Cohort Programs

There are currently two programs being being offered: the Emerging Leaders Program and the Leadership Excellence and Development Program. Learn more about each cohort below.

Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is designed for new and existing first-line supervisors and individuals who lead university teams and initiatives to gain greater leadership capabilities through building the skillset and mindset necessary to lead self and others effectively. Participants graduate with the skills, connections and support essential to grow and evolve as a leader at WashU. Learn more about the Emerging Leaders Program.

Leadership Excellence and Development Program

The Leadership Excellence and Development Program (LEAD) is currently being targeted to more seasoned leaders (typically with five to 10 years of experience) who are responsible for coaching and leading front-line leaders. These are leaders who incorporate university strategy and mission into their team’s deliverables and do planning ranging between three to five years into the future. Learn more about the Leadership Excellence and Development Program.

Coaching Program

The Coaching Program is designed to help individuals generate discussion and aid in developing their team members (and others). This program is an integral part of both the ELP and LEAD cohorts. Coaches receive coach training from an executive coach who is certified by the International Coaching Foundation. Coaching participants get real-time and real-life coaching as you work with the participants to help them grow as leaders. Note: This cohort will not be offered in fall 2024.


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Lindsey Alt

Lindsey Alt

Director, Leadership Development & Institute for Leadership Excellence (ILE)

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Program Manager, Leadership Development and ILE