Wellness Champion Manual

Champions are the voice of our well-being initiatives: HR Well-being offers excellent data-driven programming, but it can be difficult to communicate these opportunities out to 17,000 employees at multiple campuses. Emails can get lost in the shuffle and electronic communication lacks that personal connection. That’s where you come in. We provide Champions with the tools and resources you need to be informed and to communicate available programs to your colleagues. View the Wellness Champion Manual for information regarding the Wellness Champion Role, how to be a successful Champion, and to meet the HR Well-being Team.

Inaugural WashU Wellness Champion Summit: 2024

Register for the inaugural WashU Wellness Champion Summit on April 3, 2024! The WashU Wellness Champion Summit will provide opportunities for Champions to learn about HR Well-being’s programming on a deeper level, in addition to providing time for Champions to set their goals for the year and create a Champion health promotion plan. Learn more about the Summit and register here. We look forward to seeing you there!

Potential Champions: If you’re interested in joining the Wellness Champion network, submit your partnership agreement and join us at the WashU Wellness Champion Summit.

Champion Fund Project

WashU Wellness Champions are eligible to apply for start-up funds for projects that promote innovative, personalized solutions to their unique work group. HR’s Well-being team offers financial support to Wellness Champions who are in good standing and interested in start-up funds to address the wellness needs of their workgroup. Details for Round 4 applications will be released in Spring of 2024.

Read about past Champion Fund Projects to gain inspiration for your project!

Monthly Newsletters

To receive our newsletters, become a WashU Wellness Champion:

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WashU Well-being provides specialized toolkits on a variety of topics to help Champions personalize wellness for their departments. These toolkits are available in the WashU Wellness Champions team within MS Teams.

Bulletin Boards

WashU Well-being provides bulletin boards to Champions so they can easily promote programs and events. Request a bulletin board today.

Host a Screening

In addition to our regularly scheduled campus-wide events, WashU Well-being is partnering with Champions to host dedicated screening events throughout all campuses. This partnership allows us to personalize the onsite screening experience for each department, making it more convenient for employees to participate and know their numbers.

Request to Host a Health Screening Event

View the ‘Host a Screening’ Toolkit

Wellness Challenge Team Captain

Champions can lead by acting as Team Captains during wellness challenges, creating teams and encouraging colleagues to participate and stay motivated. Utilize this toolkit to be a successful team captain for your department.

Talking Points

This document can help explain what it means to be a Champion, and can be helpful to supervisors curious about the benefits of having a department Champion.


Below is a library of past guest speakers, webinars, and wellness challenges demonstrations.

Guest Speakers

Dr. Graham Colditz, MD, DrPH: 8IGHT Ways to Wellness

Dr. Bradley Evanoff, MD, MPH & Sam Biver MPH: Working For You Study & Participatory Teams

Art Maines, LCSW: How to build Interpersonal Skills for Challenging Situations

WashU Resources

A conversation with specialists from the Pain Management Center within the Center for Advanced Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis: An Introduction to Pain Management webinar


WashU Wellness Champions are partnering with ComPsych Guidance Resources to present a monthly webinar series for all WashU employees. View recorded sessions and register for upcoming webinars. 

Activity Challenge Demos

WashU Well-being partners with Health Enhancement Systems (HES) to provide quality activity challenges to employees. Take a closer look at how to register and participate in these programs:

How the WashU Well-being Team Supports Champions

  • Provides appropriate communication about employee wellness programs and opportunities;
  • Creates a safe and civil environment for Champions to provide constructive feedback about wellness initiatives;
  • Collaborates with health & wellness experts to offer training and resources for Champions to motivate and engage colleagues to make healthy choices; and
  • Reaches out to department supervisors to inform them of wellness initiatives and encourage their support for their employees.

Questions? Contact:

Caralee  Lynch, MA

Caralee Lynch, MA

Wellness Coordinator