As a manager, you can help cultivate an enriching employee experience. Your role is important, as you are responsible for helping empowering employees to achieve success. You monitor employee performance, set standards and help create a positive and productive work environment. Therefore, you need resources and training that help you successfully manage and lead.

Your Role as a Leader – How you can help take care of employees

To support employee well-being, please be aware of all of the resources available to support people. Supervisors play a crucial role in the well-being of their team members. Know what is available to help employees cope with stress, manage their work/life balance and take care of themselves.

Workplace Hub

To support diverse needs and varying workplace
environments, the Workplace Hub
helps managers navigate daily work, build meaningful relationships and achieve individual and team success.

Well-being Support

Support ranges from emotional well-being and mental health to family care resources and wellness programming. View the employee well-being hub for more information.

Leading in the Next Normal

Our work environment is evolving. From flexible work arrangements to focusing on engagement and retention, it is more important than ever to ensure you’re effectively leading your teams.

View these quick reference guides for support:

View COVID-19 Manager Resources for information & FAQs.