To provide flexibility, there are four evaluation formats from which to select.

1. Transitional format

The Transitional format can be used for all Staff employees and is designed for a primarily narrative evaluation process of goals, key accomplishments, and job competencies with only an Overall performance rating.

2. Condensed format

The condensed format is also designed for a primarily narrative evaluation process, with only the Overall performance being subjected to the application of a pre-determined standard.

3. Original longer format

The original longer format is designed to allow both narrative and the application of pre-determined standards defined for the Goal Statements, Critical Success Factors and Overall Performance sections.

4. Self-evaluation format

The self-evaluation format is designed for the employee to provide an assessment of their own performance. As an alternative, the employee could complete the narrative portions one of the other formats prior to the review with their supervisor (manager).

Note: for the Condensed, Original and Self-evaluation formats, there are separate forms for Administrative/Support staff members and Supervisory/Professional staff members.