Universitywide Awards

  • Gloria White Award 
  • Emerging Leader Award 
  • Community Impact Award

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Central Fiscal Unit (CFU) Awards

  • CFU University Operations Award 

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School of Medicine (WUSM) Awards

  • Dean’s Award
  • Research Support
  • Operations Staff
  • Kelley Mullen Award

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Danforth Campus Schools Awards

Please visit each school’s website to find individual staff awards available by school.

Distinguished Honor Awards Process

Nominations typically open in mid-February and remain open for approximately six weeks (FY23 nominations opened on Feb. 10 and closed on March 24). The Engagement Team collects all nominations and shares all nominations with selection committee members individually. The universitywide committee is made up of universitywide staff of varying hierarchy levels. We thank them for their efforts in helping select awardees each year. The selection committee has two weeks to review and provide top choices for each award category. When all selections are received, the nominee with the highest number of votes is selected as the winner and vetted with Employee Relations to confirm good standing with the department/school and the university. Winners, their supervisors, as well as business managers of winning departments/schools, are then notified. Universitywide recognition occurs in late spring.

FY24 universitywide award nominations will open in February 2024.

If you would like to be part of a selection committee, please email