Base Salary and Additional Pay Guidelines

Uniform guidance requires institutions to clearly define when additional pay is applicable. The HR policy provides definition of institutional base salary, as well as a framework for what constitutes additional pay. A link is provided to the Sponsored Projects Accounting’s policy pertaining to additional pay on sponsored funds.

Bonus Guidelines

In certain instances, it may be appropriate to issue a bonus to an employee. For example, bonuses can be paid upon the completion of a major project, recognition for outstanding work, or taking on additional duties for a short-term assignment. Schools or departments must complete a bonus authorization form, which must include a compelling reason for the bonus payment. All bonus authorization forms must be approved and signed by the Dean or Vice Chancellor of the issuing department. Additionally, prior to notifying the employee, the bonus must be approved by the Office of Human Resources.

Performance Evaluations

To provide flexibility, there are three evaluation formats from which to select. In addition, there is a form dedicated to Supervisory and Professional staff members and one dedicated to Administrative and Support staff members. More information

Job Descriptions

A job description identifies, defines and describes the most important features of a job as it is being performed. A job description should describe and focus on the job itself and not on any specific individual who might fill or who is currently in the position. More information