As a manager, you are an integral part of creating a positive and inclusive work environment that provides the best employee experience for your new employee.

To help you successfully onboard new team members, WashU’s Human Resources team has developed customizable templates, tools and checklists to support you and your new employee through the process. Helping your employee feel comfortable and competent in their role can often takes six months to one year. Below is a guide for the first 90 days.

First 90 Days

Prior to Start Date
  1. Send welcome email. Sample template
    May include workday instruction, first day instruction, relocation information, etc.
  2. Assign/set up office workspace.
    Desk, file cabinets, supplies, etc.
  3. Order computer and software.
    Request software through your area/department’s business manager.
  4. Request email address. Submit a ServiceNow ticket
    Add employee to appropriate email lists
  5. Request WUSTL key, ID Badge & Card Access.
  6. Schedule appointments with key people and add to new employee’s calendar.
  7. Ensure your new staff registers for the In-person New Employee Orientation.
  8. Create a training Schedule. Learning plan template (XLS)
  9. Create agenda for first week.
  10. Assign a Peer Advisor (PDF)
Day 1 of Employment
  1. Personally welcome new employee
    Discuss key priorities, work and communication style, leadership and team composition, etc.
  2. Initiate team or departmental welcome event or lunch
  3. Tour office and surrounding areas
  4. Discuss with new employee
    – WUSTL key and email access
    – Initial meeting schedule and training plan
    – Assign Workday tasks
    – Share Welcome to WashU website
Weeks 1-2 of Employment
  1. Introduce Peer Advisor.
  2. Meet weekly to discuss core and job specific competencies and goals.
  3. Confirm Learn@Work training is progressing.
  4. Communicate the university’s and department’s high level goals.
  5. Encourage involvement with campus or community groups, cultural or social activities.
  1. Obtain WashU ID badge & access.
  2. Attend in-person staff orientation.
  3. Complete Workday online compliance training.
  4. Complete benefits, payment elections and acknowledgements.
30 Days of Employment
  1. Conduct 30 day review, adjust training as needed.
  2. Verify completion of Workday tasks and in-person orientation.
  3. Encourage involvement with campus or community groups, cultural or social activities.
60 Days of Employment
  1. Conduct 60 day review.
  2. HR to conduct Onboarding Feedback survey.
  3. Encourage involvement with campus or community groups, cultural or social activities.
90 Days of Employment
  1. Conduct 90 day review.
  2. Create 6 month work plan, opportunities for performance evaluations.
  3. Develop long term plan based on employee skills, abilities and interests.


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