This year we recognize recipients with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30+ years of service in new ways that embrace a spirit of recognition and appreciation.


What to Expect as a Staff Service Milestone Recipient

  • Staff service milestone recipients receive a personalized yearbook (recipients receive both print and digital versions) which includes a service award certificate, message from the Chancellor and a section for congratulatory messages from supervisors and colleagues. The yearbook will be sent in late July/August to allow time for managers and peers to post comments in the book.
  • In the award portal, recipients can order a gift of choice to commemorate the milestone. The portal includes a variety of gifts available for selection ranging from electrical appliances, travel accessories, technology, jewelry, home goods and other gift options. One WashU branded item is included in the gift options – it is labeled accordingly in the gift description.
WashU Staff Service Milestone Yearbook sample

WashU Staff Service Milestone Yearbook sample

We are expanding service award gift options as a part of this new program.


Leader Support – Recognizing recipients

As leaders, you play an important role in helping WashU provide meaningful recognition to employees. View details on how you can support our new WashU Staff Service Milestone program.

  • Write a message in your staff’s WashU Staff Service Milestone yearbook. Supervisors and colleagues can send congratulatory messages to the staff service milestone recipients in our new recognition platform.
  • Be sincere, keep it simple. Even a short, meaningful note can go a long way to make your employees feel valued. Take 5 minutes to write a comment in support of your staff’s dedication. It will be displayed in the recipient’s yearbook as the first comment in their book. View these examples for inspiration.
  • Invite peers to write posts. Supervisors of milestone recipients received an email from our vendor, OC Tanner (from, with instructions to post a message and share a link with team members. Only supervisors receive the initial link and can share as broadly as they see fit. View the peer comment guide.
  • Need more guidance? Our vendor, OC Tanner, provided guidance to help you through the process. View the Leader’s Comment quick guide.  View the Leader’s Comments Step-by-Step instructions.