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Let’s Celebrate Heart Health Month

In honor of National Heart Month, WashU Wellness Connection is highlighting important steps and resources to help you take care of your heart. Eating healthier, exercising more and getting regular check-ups are key steps toward a healthy heart. In addition, reducing stress and considering our emotional connection to ourselves play a vital role in your overall health.

Join the WashU Wellness Connection team in celebrating Heart Health month by making a personal promise or pledge today to be heart healthy. Find your way to heart health and support your family, friends and co-workers in an effort to be heart healthy. Let WashU Wellness Connection’s 8ightWays to Wellness be your guide to good health, energy, and confidence to live your life to the fullest – for yourself and those close to you.

Tips for a healthy heart


Eating a healthy diet is important for our heart health. Focus on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and keep red and processed meat to a minimum. Making a dessert this weekend? View these heart healthy dessert recipes.

Looking for more recipes? The MyWay to Health team hosts cooking demo’s and can help you make a nutrition plan. Schedule a consultation or view MyWay to Health demo’s and webinars, including the latest demo, Healthy Winter Soups and Stews.

Physical activity
Build physical activity into your everyday life. Find an activity you enjoy and set a goal for yourself—maybe invite a friend or family member to join you to keep you motivated.

Looking for a new activity? The WashU Rec Center is offering a variety of online programming to help keep the WashU community active and engaged.

Also, be sure to save the date for the WashU Couch to 5K Challenge. Registration opens Monday, February 22 and the challenge will begin Monday, March 8. Join us for a live demo of the challenge experience.

Health care
As part of your routine health care, it’s important to connect with your provider to get recommended screening tests that monitor blood pressure, cholesterol and other key heart health metrics. Learn more about blood pressure by watching this video presentation.

If you take medication for your heart, receiving your blood pressure medicine regularly is easy with the mail order option through Express Scripts. Learn how to transfer your prescription from retail to home delivery at

Establish a relationship with your health care providers and get the support you need to stay on top of your health and well-being. Connect with our WashU United Healthcare Nurse Advocate, Teresa Fisher if you need a medical provider, or check out the new primary care service dedicated to WashU employees who participate in our health plan, WUCare.

Reduce stress
Finding ways to effectively reduce distress in our lives is also important for our heart health.

Practice mindfulness-based stress reduction and become aware of habitual reactions to tough situations. WashU Wellness Connection’s Move into Mindfulness program helps you move toward greater balance, control and peace of mind, and, gives you practical coping skills to deal with stress. It is important to take care of your mental health. Find emotional well-being programs and resources to support you and your family, including the employee assistance program, Washington University Psychiatry and more.

Financial well-being can help alleviate stressors too. View Guidance Resources’ Money Matters Toolkit, set up a virtual appointment with a TIAA financial consultant, or attend an upcoming financial wellness workshop to stay financially fit with a strategy that helps you now and in the future.

Support a healthy workplace
Join our Wellness Champions Network to help foster a healthy work environment for you and your coworkers. The network is a diverse group of volunteers who help promote the 8ight Ways to Wellness while addressing the unique needs of their own departments.

Stay up to date on what’s happening with Wellness Connection each week when you join our Microsoft Teams channel. All benefits-eligible employees are invited.

Learn more about employee wellness  at