Annual Health Screenings

Annual Health Screenings

As part of our 8ight Ways to Wellness, we encourage employees to get an annual health screening, which will detect A1c level (blood test to measure diabetes risk), current blood pressure, cholesterol and other key indicators that are key in detecting disease early.

Appointment space for onsite screening events is limited, walk-ins will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis as space allows.

If you are unable to attend an onsite event, you still have the following options available to earn your $50 Visa gift card:

Please visit the Health Advocate platform, click ‘Schedule Your Health Screening’ then:

  • Click ‘Download the Physician form’, print and have your physician complete it and fax it back to Health Advocate. (If you have seen your provider this year, your provider can complete the form with your 2023 results).
  • Click ‘Find a LabCorp Location,’ locate a LabCorp service center and schedule an appointment.  Print your voucher to take with you. 

Participation in Employee Well-Being programs is a benefit to employees and there are opportunities to earn rewards when you complete certain activities. There is no requirement for you to participate, but your privacy is protected when you do.

Log in to the Health Advocate Platform

Schedule appointments, download forms, and view your results on the Health Advocate platform.

Username: your WUSTL Key
Password: your WUSTL email

All WashU benefit eligible employees can participate in the biometric screening program. To confirm your employment status, please contact the WashU Benefit Service Center at 314-935-2332 or email at


Complete your screening by November 30, 2024 to receive a $50 pre-paid Visa gift card!

How to complete your Health Screening

  1. Log into the Health Advocate Portal with your WUSTL key
  2. Select “Schedule a Health Screening”
  3. Choose one of the three options that is most convenient for you!
    • Attend an Onsite Health Screening Event: Choose this option to schedule an appointment to complete your health screening at one of our onsite events. All on-site screening events are non-fasting.
    • Download Physician Form: If you have an upcoming appointment with your physician, you can download this form and have your doctor complete the form then fax it back to the vendor. Please allow up to two weeks from the time your physician submits your form for your results to be posted on the Health Advocate portal. Your physician form must be submitted by December 31, 2024 to count towards this calendar year and to earn the 2024 incentive.
      • Please note: If you saw your physician in December 2023, but submit your form in 2024, your screening will count towards the 2023 calendar year incentive. You will be eligible to earn the incentive in 2024, but will be taxed for both incentives.
    • Find a LabCorp Location: Use this option to locate and schedule an appointment at a LabCorp location most convenient for you. LabCorp will complete your screening and send the results to Health Advocate.

Please note: All benefits eligible employees may complete a health screening and receive a $50 Visa gift card through one of the above options once per calendar year.

In search of a Primary Care Physician?
WUCare is a dedicated adult primary care practice for employees and dependents (age 18+) covered under a WashU health plan, and other pediatric and adult primary care providers. To schedule an appointment with WUCare, call 314-747-5900 or visit WUCare.

Take Action with Screening Options

Many cancers are preventable or treatable. Early detection is critical and can improve the likelihood of successful treatment. That’s why getting screened for some of the more common types of cancer is so important.

Siteman Cancer Center, an international leader in cancer treatment, research, and prevention, provides guidance around when to get screened for common, preventable cancers.

Talk to your doctor about which screenings are right for you.

Breast Cancer Screening

Early detection is the best tool in the fight against breast cancer.  Beginning at age 40, individuals with breast tissue should receive a mammogram every year. Mammograms are offered on the Mammogram Van or at one of three Siteman locations: Joanne Knight Breast Health Center at the Center for Advanced Medicine-WUSM, Highlands Medical Building, and Center for Advanced Medicine in South County. 

More information on the Siteman Mammogram Van.

Cervical Cancer Screening

At the center of your care is the annual well woman exam, an essential part of your preventive care. Anyone with a cervix should begin receiving a pap test at age 21. You can also talk with your doctor about HPV testing, which looks for cervical cell changes beginning at age 25. 

More information on WashU Gynecology, their locations, and more. 


Everyone should start regular screenings at age 45.  You are recommended to get screened for colon cancer even if you do not have a family history of cancer and have not had any symptoms.  Colonoscopy is recommended at least once every 10 years, and more frequently if you have had colon polyps or a family history of colon cancer. 

Doctors at the Washington University Colon Screening Program are highly skilled at performing colonoscopy.  Colonoscopies are currently being performed at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, BJH West County and South County.  Please call 314-362-5952 to schedule your colonoscopy.  Learn More.

Lung Cancer Screening

You should consider lung cancer screening beginning at age 50. Lung cancer often doesn’t cause symptoms, which makes regular screenings vitally important.  It also increases the likelihood of catching lung cancer in its earlier and more treatable stages.  Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States; deaths that could potentially be prevented by early detection through lung cancer screening. 

Siteman Cancer Center is resuming low-dose CT lung cancer screenings at all locations.  Call 314-747-3046 to schedule your lung screening.  Contact your doctor first for a referral. Learn more.

Prostate Cancer Screening

Anyone with a prostate should talk with their doctor beginning at age 45 to discuss if prostate cancer screening – completed by a blood test known as the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test – is appropriate.

Health Advocate

Health Advocate is a leading provider of wellbeing, health advocacy, navigation and integrated benefits programs. We help people understand their health risks through biometric screening services, leading to positive behavior changes, and improving outcomes. We simplify healthcare access, improve the member experience, and by using data to personalize our engagements, motivate individuals to take steps to address health needs.  

For further assistance, contact Health Advocate Member Service at 800-970-1263.