Meet with a UHC Nurse Advocate

Discuss weight loss, healthy diet, fitness, disease management, and more.

UHC Nurse Advocate

Teresa Fisher, RN, BSN

UnitedHealthcare Employee Nurse Advocate at Washington University in St. Louis
Phone: 314-440-3882
Member Services (24/7): 800-382-2599

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Teresa is a registered nurse with a broad range of experience in healthcare, including over ten years of experience in disease management and health coaching. She is a resource for helping you on your 8ight Ways to Wellness journey!

Contact Teresa for confidential assistance with:

  • Connecting with UnitedHealthcare disease management programs focused on diabetes, coronary artery disease, heart failure & asthma
  • Understanding your health screening results (bring your results to discuss)
  • Blood pressure, weight and BMI screenings
  • Preparing for a physician office visit or hospital stay; returning to work
  • How to navigate UnitedHealthcare tools and resources
  • Health education for small groups and departments
  • Connecting with WashU wellness programs and other UnitedHealthcare programs and services
  • Finding a WUdirect designated physician

Note: Questions regarding medical claims should continue to be directed to member services by calling the 800-number on the back of your health insurance card.

Will my personal information that I share with my nurse advocate be protected?
Yes, all of your personal health information will be protected in accordance with HIPAA. None of your personal information will be shared with your employer. We want to guide and empower employees to make their own decisions regarding their healthcare.

Support for Your Pregnancy

The Maternity Support program provides you with a maternity nurse for help with:

  • Choosing a doctor or nurse midwife and finding a pediatrician or other specialist
  • Information to help you take care of yourself and your baby
  • Emotional support before and after your baby is born

Call 877-201-5328 or enroll online.

Why is UHC Calling?

Washington University UnitedHealthcare plan members may be eligible for Disease Management programs that address:

Program managers will reach out to members regarding their diagnosis, treatment options and physician referrals. The goal is to empower members to make better decisions about their health and manage their chronic illness well.

Virtual Visits

Access care from a doctor by video 24/7 for conditions such as allergies, bronchitis, eye infections, sore throats and more. Follow these steps:

  1. Login to
  2. Select “Find a Doctor”
  3. Select “Medical Directory” and “People”
  4. Select “Virtual Visits”

For a behavioral health virtual visit, see below.

Mental/Behavioral Health Support

UnitedHealthcare members can access 24/7 support for a range of needs, including counseling, medication management and substance abuse recovery services.  Your Behavioral Health benefit provides confidential help for those everyday challenges and for more serious problems.

Call member services 24/7 at (800) 382-2599 or log into and follow these steps:

  1. Select: “Find a Doctor”
  2. Select: “Mental Health Directory”
  3. Select: “People”

Or if you prefer to connect with a provider from the comfort of your home at a time that is convenient for you, you can schedule a mental health virtual visit. Continue on after selecting “People”:

  1. Select: “Provider Type”
  2. Select: “Telemental Health Providers”

For additional assistance, contact Teresa Fisher directly at (314) 440-3882 or