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Focus on your personal wellness.

Learn about the resources and support available to you through Washington University’s Wellness Connection.

Wellness experts are available to help you track and manage your health. WashU Wellness Connection experts include:

  • WashU WebMD Health Coaches Todd Gulizia and Amy Hayden can help you set goals and track progress. Learn more.
  • Onsite UHC Nurse Advocate, Teresa Fisher, is on campus to help you address chronic conditions and connect you to health resources. Learn more.
  • Mindfulness and mind-body stress reduction expert Meg Krejci can help you practice mindfulness and focus on building resilience. Learn more.

Learn more about the wellness team.

Yay! Wellness Rewards Program

Earn up to $100 in rewards (a VISA prepaid card) when you complete three steps in our Yay! Rewards Program by June 30:

  • Health Assessment
  • Preventive screening
  • At least two sessions with a WashU WebMD health coach.

Learn more about employee wellness at