Move Into Mindfulness

Mind-Body Stress Reduction (MBSR)

A program that trains in mindfulness meditation to teach people how to:

Reduce stress and anxiety
Increase focus & concentration
Manage health problems
Live more fully productive lives

Mind-Body Stress Reduction utilizes both formal and informal mindfulness meditation practices. Mindfulness can be described as non-judgmental, non-striving, moment-by-moment attention. It is often called present-centered awareness, a state of consciousness that has been shown to have health benefits for the autonomic nervous system, to increase immune function, and to increase alpha and theta brain waves, which are present in deep states of relaxation.

Mindfulness is a way to access your inner resources and move towards greater balance, control and peace of mind, and, designed to give you practical coping skills to deal with everyday stress. This program consists of 14 weeks of classes meeting once a week during the lunch hour. The program is split into Mindfulness-The Basics and Mindfulness-Beyond the Basic.

Mind Body Stress Reduction Series

Mindfulness–The Basics

The first half of the series we gain mindfulness skills of holding our attention in the present moment with kindness and learning to let go of judging and striving as we explore and experience the body-centered practice of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness–Beyond the Basics

The second half of the Mind Body Stress Reduction Series we learn to direct our mindfulness skills of holding our attention in the present moment toward our stressors. These stressors may include: life events, pleasant and unpleasant events, thoughts, emotions, reactivity triggers, communication style, relationships, others and community. 

Mindfulness-The Basics

These sessions include:

  • A Series Manual with weekly chapter emails and assignments
  • Guided instruction in mindfulness techniques, (MP3 format): Breath Awareness, Body Scan, Sitting Meditation, Mindful Movements, Mindfulness of Physical Sensations, and Mindfulness of Thoughts & Emotions
  • Exercises to enhance awareness in everyday life
  • Daily home practice suggestions for formal and informal practices

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The Basics: 2020 Dates & Registration

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School of Medicine
Becker Medical Library, 7th floor, King Center

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Danforth Main Campus
Danforth University Center Room 234
1/28-3/10 Register: The Basics
North Campus
Conference Room 1312
4/9-5/28 Register: The Basics

Beyond the Basics: 2020 Dates & Registration

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School of Medicine

no class 4/22

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Danforth Main Campus
Danforth University Center, Room 234
no class 4/21
Register: Beyond the Basics

West Campus

no class 10/6
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North Campus

no class 10/7
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School of Medicine Main Campus

no class 10/8
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Move Into Mindfulness: Advanced Series

Series One: Communication & Relationships

We all have needs, desires and expectations. When those are not met by others, stress may arise. Taking care of ourselves means taking responsibility for our part in those relationships, for our own perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Without awareness, we usually react unconsciously with some version of the flight-or-fight reaction that makes the situation worse. With mindfulness, we can respond to these situations in ways that benefit us and others.

Series Two: Mindful Eating

Themes covered:

  • • The Basic Mindfulness Bite
  • • The 7 Skills of a Mindful Eater
  • • Exploring Mindless Eating Habits
  • • Working with Hindrances to Mindful Eating
  • • Mindful Urge Control

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Register for Series One: Momentum

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Danforth Main Campus
Danforth University Center, Goldberg Lounge (2nd floor)

1/30 & 2/7

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School of Medicine Main Campus
Olin Residence Hall, Wellness Connection Studio (Room 200)

2/3 & 210

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Register for Series Two: TBD

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