On-Site Nurse Advocate

Teresa Fisher, RN, BSN, CCP

UnitedHealthcare Employee Nurse Advocate at Washington University in St. Louis
Phone: 314-440-3882
Email: teresa.fisher@uhc.com

Teresa is a registered nurse with a broad range of experience in healthcare, including over ten years of experience in disease management and health coaching.  Teresa is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health.

How can the nurse advocate help me?
Teresa is available to meet with you to discuss lifestyle behaviors you want to improve – such as, weight loss, a healthy diet or fitness. She can also help you with prevention education and disease management support with conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Teresa will help you create and work toward your personal health goals.

Note: Questions regarding medical claims should continue to be directed to member services by calling the 800-number on the back of your health insurance card.

Will my personal information that I share with my nurse advocate be protected?
Yes, all of your personal health information will be protected in accordance with HIPAA. None of your personal information will be shared with your employer. We want to guide and empower employees to make their own decisions regarding their healthcare.

What other services does my nurse advocate offer?
Your Employee Nurse Advocate is also available for education and support regarding:

  • A new diagnosis or health condition – connect with UHC disease management programs
  • Results from your routine wellness screening (bring your results with you)
  • Additional blood pressure, weight and BMI screenings
  • Preparing for upcoming physician office visit
  • A recent hospital stay
  • How to navigate UnitedHealthcare tools and resources
  • Provide health education for small groups or departments
  • Connecting employees to appropriate wellness programs and services
  • Help employees connect with WU Direct designated physicians, Washington University centers and clinics

Why is UHC Calling?

Washington University UnitedHealthcare plan members may be eligible for Disease Management programs that address:

Program managers will reach out to members regarding their diagnosis, treatment options and physician referrals. The goal is to empower members to make better decisions about their health and manage their chronic illness well.

For additional information about a Disease Management program, contact your Employee Nurse Advocate at 314-440-3882.

UnitedHealthcare Seminars

One-hour seminars are free and available on demand. Dig deeper into health topics that matter to you.

Topics include:

  • Take Care of the Caregiver
  • Preventing, Living and Coping with Diabetes
  • 50 Ways to Trim Your Love Handles
  • Easy Meal Makovers
  • Simple Secrets of Organized People
  • and more!