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Thrive tip: Finding the Best Fit for Your Feet

As the Spring into Motion wellness challenge kicks off March 7, make sure your feet are equipped with the best fit shoes to keep you moving. Wearing appropriate shoes during the challenge can help avoid soreness and injury. Remember to start slow and increase your activity level as your endurance increases and the challenge progresses – this will also help you achieve “wellness milestones”. If you need help with progression or training plans, make an appointment with WashU Physical Therapy

“In general, find a shoe that’s comfortable,” Joshua Hubert, PT, DPT, physical therapist and clinical associate at WashU said. “Your body is very intuitive so try on a variety of shoes and find what’s right for you. Remember that certain shoes are more suitable for particular foot types and training styles.” 

Check out some additional recommendations for finding the shoe for you below.

Tips for finding shoes that fit:

  1. Try on prospective shoes while standing at the end of the day, when our feet are largest, as they tend to swell throughout the day.
  2. Don’t forget to buy comfortable and supportive socks based on the activity you plan to engage in. If you need help, ask for help at a local shoe store.
  3. Your toes should have room to extend, and the toe box should have additional space. The end of your longest toe of your biggest foot should be within 1/2 inch of the end of the toe box.
  4. Make sure your foot is not too large for the toe box itself. You don’t want your foot to bulge over the welt, which is the strip of leather or other material that joins the upper with the outer sole.
  5. The front of your foot should not feel tight in the shoe and the heel counter, or back of the shoe, should grip your heel somewhat snugly. Women who have a narrow heel and wide front of the feet should consider getting their feet professionally fitted for athletic shoes.
  6. Shoes should fit comfortably when you purchase them and should not be bought with the expectation that they will stretch to fit. Don’t count on your shoes “breaking in” to be comfortable. 
  7. Sometimes, you may need shoe inserts if your foot size and shoe do not fit correctly. Work with a local shoe company to find a trained shoe technician or pedorthic who can fit your feet correctly.
  8. Try on both pairs of shoes to get an accurate understanding of the fit and your level of comfort in them. 

*Thrive Tip: Keep a pair of supportive athletic shoes and socks in your car, so you are ready to get moving anytime! 

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