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Spring into Action

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Spring is upon us. As we look forward with hope, how can we find renewed energy and build well-being into our lives with intention?

Get active.

Take an active break, start walking again or get out to one of the beautiful Missouri trails. Physical activity, sunlight and nature can help us feel renewed and energized, while getting our heart rate up and keeping us healthy. Daily movement is key to our overall health. Read more from our 8ight Ways to Wellness Program to help you get active.

Refresh your nutrition routine.

Grill season, farmers markets and seasonal fruits and vegetables are back. Schedule an appointment with MyWay to Health, our WashU employee wellness consultants, to help you make healthy, delicious meal plans or talk through your health and wellness goals. Register for the next MyWay to Health Workshop on May 20, Liven up your BBQ.  Read more about eating healthy from 8ight Ways to Wellness.

Schedule your medical care appointments.

During the pandemic, many of us put off routine medical care. Now is the time to check in with your physicians and get your recommended screenings. Need help? Our UHC Nurse Advocate can help you find the care you need. Need a primary care physician? WUCare is the new primary care practice dedicated to Washington University employees on our WashU health plans. Remember, WUDirect can help you get priority access to our own world-class specialists. Don’t forget your annual dental visit – regular dental cleanings and check-up’s are an important part of your overall health.

Get inspired.

Learn something new! HR Learning and Development has an array of courses to help you build skills and expand your knowledge. View these courses focused on embracing personal and team well-being, as well as learn strategies for time management and stress reduction. Need direction? Make an appointment with our career consultant to talk about your career goals and make a plan.

Go green. Build life into your environment.

In April, we celebrate Earth Month and Earth Day. New blooms and greenery bring new life back into the world. Work in your garden, enjoy nature at a local park or trail, or add indoor plants to your home or office. Another way to go green is to participate in sustainable activities, like recycling, composting or conserving energy. Visit for more ideas and information.

Build connections.

During the pandemic, we’ve lost some of our connections with friends, colleagues and family. Find ways to re-connect and build your relationships. Talking to a friend or colleague can be a bright spot in our day. View the Virtual Connections page for ideas on how to build connections with your colleagues and team. Need emotional support? Schedule a one-on-one counseling appointment through our employee assistance program or view support from WashU Psychiatry.Learn more about working toward wellness with your friends, family and community with 8ight Ways to Wellness or join a diverse network of passionate employees leading wellness initiatives within their departments.

Focus on your financial well-being.

April (and now May) is tax season, but now is also a great time to think about how you’re planning and saving for now and in the future. Make an appointment with a TIAA consultant to talk through your financial goals or attend one of our financial education sessions to help you learn strategies for budgeting, planning and saving that work for you and your family.

Set priorities. Be mindful.

Whatever you do, do it with intention. The pandemic shifted our daily activities and routines, but as we focus forward with hope, be intentional about what you build back into your life. Find balance, make lists of things you enjoy or need, and make an intentional plan for how to take care of yourself and your family.  How can we build a routine and set priorities that meet our own needs, and the needs of our family or work obligations? Start small and experiment. If you want to build in more time for physical activity, start with a short walk or 15 minute work out. See what fits your schedule and works for you. Adapt as needed. A great way to set priorities with intention is to practice mindfulness. Take a mindfulness course to help you clear your mind and focus on your needs.

Do what’s right for you – find peace, energy, joy and balance.