WUDirect is designed to provide you and your covered dependents priority access for initial appointments (new) with Washington University Physicians (does not include Primary Care Physicians), as well as lower out-of-pocket costs.

Here is how WUDirect can work for you:

To schedule a new patient visit, call the specialty’s office and request a WUDirect appointment. Contact information for WUPhysicians specialties can be found on WUPhysicians.wustl.edu.

Most initial appointments will be scheduled within two weeks or less. If the specialty requires a PCP referral, patient records, and/or pre-appointment testing in advance of the appointment, scheduling may take longer.

Please note that the two-week timeframe applies to the first available appointment with any provider at any location in the specialty. You may request a particular physician or location, but the two week timeframe may not apply.

NOTE: Initial Primary Care Physician practice appointments are an exception to the two week timeframe, however, the WUDirect discounted copays and coinsurance are offered. Please request appointments well in advance of when needed as availability of new patient visit appointments is limited. Please visit Physicians.wustl.edu for a list of primary care practices. If you want to schedule an appointment with a WUDirect Primary Care Physician, you need to contact the office directly to see if the doctor’s practice is currently accepting new patients. University Personal Physicians is a concierge practice and does not participate in WUDirect

If the scheduler is unable to provide you an appointment within two weeks, please call (314) 747-6500 or email: wudirect@wusm.wustl.edu. Your WUDirect representative will contact the physician’s office to assist you in securing a more timely appointment.