If you were covered as a dependent on your ex-spouse’s/domestic partner’s health plan and are losing coverage due to the divorce/dissolution of domestic partnership, you may, within 31 days of the loss of coverage, enroll in health/dental/vision coverage for yourself and any dependent children who may also be losing coverage. You may also enroll in or make changes to the flexible spending accounts.

If your spouse/domestic partner or dependent child has a change in employment resulting in a loss of health coverage, you may, within 31 days of the loss of coverage, add your spouse/domestic partner and dependent children to your health/dental/vision coverage or enroll in health/dental/vision for yourself, your spouse/domestic partner and eligible children who lost coverage through your spouse/domestic partner. You may also enroll in or make changes to the flexible spending accounts.

Changes to your health/dental/vision coverage and flexible spending accounts due to loss of outside coverage will be effective as of the date you lost coverage due to your divorce/dissolution of domestic partnership or the date your spouse/domestic partner or dependent child lost other coverage.

In addition to making changes to your health/dental/vision coverage and/or flexible spending accounts when there is a loss of outside coverage, you should also:

  • Review and consider making changes to your health savings account elections.
  • Review and consider updating your optional life insurance and AD&D elections (employee, spouse/domestic partner and/or child). If you elect to increase or enroll in employee and/or spouse/domestic partner life insurance, MetLife may require a Statement of Health (also referred to as evidence of insurability).
  • Review your current life insurance, health savings account and Retirement Savings Plan (403(b)) beneficiary designations and make any necessary updates. Your life insurance beneficiary can be changed through Workday. Your health savings account beneficiary can be changed by logging onto your Optum Financial account. Retirement Savings Plan (403(b)) beneficiaries must be updated through your account at TIAA. Note: if you are married, the Retirement Savings Plan requires that your spouse be listed as your primary beneficiary unless this right is waived by your spouse.

Changes may be made by logging into Workday. Please reference the Change Benefit Election tutorial for help.

Changes to your health savings account, optional life insurance (employee, spouse/domestic partner and child) and retirement medical savings account coverage may be made at any time.

Required Documentation

You will need to upload a copy of the letter/documentation (scan or legible picture) showing the loss of other employer-sponsored health coverage to the Workday Change Benefit Elections page before making any benefit changes.