Empowered to live a healthy life ‘my way’

Wellness Connection’s MyWay to Health programs recognize that each employee is unique and has their own personalized definition of optimal health and well-being. Our mission is to support individuals, champion strengths, overcome barriers and create supportive networks to improve health and quality of life. This is why we have developed a range of programs to meet employees where they are in their wellness journey, and offer support and guidance along the way. We hold true to our name – we want you to feel empowered to lead your healthiest life, and to do it ‘my way’.

Both ‘MyWay to a Healthy Weight’ and our Wellness Consultation program are evidence-based and led by our team of registered dietitians. We offer an approach that is supportive and inclusive to foster a collaborative partnership.  Wellness consultations serve as an opportunity to explore one’s health and well-being goals, whether that be creating a healthier home environment for their family, or making lifestyle modifications to reduce medications. For individuals with goals related to their weight, we work closely with participants in the MyWay to a Healthy Weight program to understand their motivations and aspirations. Together, we develop tailored approaches to achieve their goals, often breaking away from limiting beliefs and challenging assumptions along the way. Our coaching is guided by our holistic curriculum that embraces many facets of health and wellness, including nutrition, movement, body image, mindset, sleep, and more.

We are excited to partner with the new Wellness Challenge ‘Colorful Choices’ to promote WashU’s first nutrition-focused campaign. This Wellness Challenge embodies the concept of an “approach goal”. Positive psychology shows that we respond more favorably to inclusion goals, rather than goals focused on exclusion or restriction. Eating more fruits and vegetables is not always easy but it is a delicious way to choose to do more of something that promotes your well-being. We look forward to taking this journey with you, and saying yes to more summer produce!

Register for the Wellness Challenge here and learn more about MyWay to Health on our website.