100% of part-time, evening program undergraduate tuition costs and 50% of part-time evening program graduate tuition costs for courses offered through the university up to seven (7) credit hours per semester. Employees regularly working during the day are eligible to enroll in courses offered through the evening programs and employees regularly working in the evening/night shift are eligible to enroll in courses offered through the day programs.

Requesting the Employee Tuition Assistance Benefit

You are responsible for registering for your course(s) with the appropriate WashU school. To request the benefit, complete the tuition assistance request form.

Please submit tuition assistance request forms prior to the first day of class for the semester. Employees must complete one continuous year of full-time service prior to utilizing the benefit. Submit your original form to Tuition Assistance, CB 1190. Copies will not be accepted.

The benefit covers tuition only. You are responsible for any books, fee and other costs.

A passing grade of D or better is required. In addition, employees must complete the course and have a passing grade posted w/in 60 days after the end of the semester or the benefit will be removed from your student account.

If you drop a class after the beginning of the semester you are financially responsible for any fees in accordance with the policy of the WU school in which you are enrolled and the tuition benefit will be removed from your student account.

Eligible courses are those offered through part-time evening programs and must begin at 4pm or later. See the plan document for more details. Please note: No benefit is available for courses such as Applied Music, which is structured as one-on-one music lessons between the instructor and student.

Courses taken for audit are not covered by the benefit.

The benefit will cover tuition assistance for up to 7 credit hours per semester. The benefit is tax free except where noted.

When utilizing the benefit, keep in mind you are enrolled as a student of a WashU school and are required to follow the policies of that school.