This benefit is available to dependent children of eligible employees who have completed at least seven consecutive full-time years of service (or the equivalent number of part-time years of service).  This benefit generally pays 100% of WashU’s tuition charges and qualifying fees or the tuition charges and qualifying fees of other accredited institutions, not to exceed 40% of WashU’s stated tuition amount. It covers up to eight semesters toward the first Bachelor’s degree. The level of benefit paid is based on the employee’s date of hire and job status as of the deadline for filing a request for benefits.

Maximum Benefit Amounts for 2021/2022

Full-time Employee

  • Attending WashU: $58,328 (Tuition $57,750 + Activity Fee $578)
  • Attending non-WashU school (hired through 7/1/2006): $28,875 (50% of $57,750)
  • Attending non-WashU school (hired after 7/1/2006): $23,100 (40% of $57,750)

Part-time Employee (50% of Full-time amount)

  • Attending WashU: $29,164 (50% of $58,328)
  • Attending non-WashU school (hired through 7/1/2006): $14,437.50 (25% of $57,750)
  • Attending non-WashU school (hired after 7/1/2006): $11,550 (20% of $57,750)

Maximum benefit amounts for the Summer Semester are based on the 2020/2021 tuition rates.

When to Request the Benefit

  • For the fall semester: Submit request April – September, after child is accepted/committed to the school, but no later than September 30.
  • For the spring semester: Submit request October-February, after child is accepted/committed to the school, but no later than February 28.
  • For the summer semester: Apply separately from annual renewal no later than May 31.
  • For programs outside the normal semester start date: Submit request prior to the first day of classes at child’s school.

How to Request the Benefit (until May 31, 2021)

The application process is changing effective July 1, 2021.  You will continue to use the existing process (outlined below) until May 31, 2021 for fall requests.  Spring requests will not be accepted at this time. No applications will be accepted in the month of June as we migrate to a new system.  We will begin accepting applications again on July 1, 2021 through the new system.  More information will be provided in the coming weeks. 

Faculty and staff with access to HRMS Employee Self Service:

  • Log in to HRMS Self Service with your WUSTL key
  • Click on Benefits
  • Click on Dependent Tuition Assistance
  • Follow the instructions on the Home page
  • Upload supporting documents (there are three tabs at the top of the Home page – the upload page is the third tab). Links to the supporting documents are provided below.
  • If your dependent attends a school other than Washington University, send the Authorization to Release Student Information (linked below) directly to the school.
  • You will receive email confirmations throughout the benefit approval process.

 Retirees and inactive employees who do not have access to HRMS Self Service:

Important Information

  • Requests are processed in the order they are received
  • Be patient. The complete processing cycle for this benefit takes several weeks to months depending on the school
  • We strongly recommend that you make required payments to the school to hold your student’s registration. We cannot guarantee that the University’s payment will be issued prior to the school’s payment deadline. 
  • If you make a payment prior to the University’s payment:
    • The University will not reduce your benefit amount by the amount of your payment
    • If there is an overpayment when the University pays, a refund will be made to the student’s account
  • The University is not responsible for late fees incurred if you do not make required minimum payments prior to the school’s deadline
  • If your dependent’s plans change (change in school, student not returning, etc.) please indicate this in an email to the Benefits Team at so that your tuition request can be updated
  • Proof of dependent eligibility is required with each tuition request.
  • Dependent child tuition assistance is a tax free benefit for birth, adopted and step children. Employees utilizing the benefit for children of a domestic partner will be taxed at the time the benefit is paid to the school.
  • Study abroad program tuition is eligible for tuition assistance if offered through an accredited school.
  • Your dependent child is not required to maintain consecutive enrollment in order to receive the benefit.