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WORLDWIDE WELLNESS | Spring challenge top teams

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The six-week well-being challenge presented an opportunity for employees to focus on physical activity, meaningful connections, and active relaxation. Participants embarked on a virtual journey around the world, visiting breathtaking destinations while cultivating habits that promote long-term well-being.

Benefits-eligible WashU employees were invited to participate individually or as part of a team to track their physical activity and participate in weekly social activities. Participating teams had the added element of friendly competition, with a leaderboard keeping track of their activity levels and Thrive Thursday points. These points were earned by completing mini-challenges that provided resources and ideas to encourage holistic well-being.

The top three teams were invited to a celebratory breakfast hosted by the HR Well-being team on May 25, 2023. It was a great opportunity for them to meet each other and share their health journeys and motivations.

1st Place | Attack of the SSSSST

Left to right: Carol Sullivan, Christina Twist, Isabelle Smith, Brian Sullivan

Team SSSSST emerged victorious in the recent spring challenge team leaderboard competition, upholding their dynasty and taking home the prestigious golden shoe trophy. They keep things exciting by altering their team name for each challenge, drawing inspiration from the Star Wars universe.

Attack of the SSSSST consists of the Sullivan family: Brian and Carol, their daughters Maggie Sullivan and Christina Twist, their son Michael and his partner Isabelle Smith (team captain).

As reigning champions, Attack of the SSSSST was previously featured in the Summertime challenge spotlight.

Carol and Brian Sullivan on their 8-day, 84-mile walk along Hadrian’s Wall in Northern England.

Carol and Brian recently completed an 8-day, 84-mile walk along Hadrian’s Wall in Northern England, starting from the west coast on the Irish Sea and ending in Wallsend, Newcastle-on-Tyne. They attributed their successful journey to their participation in the Worldwide Wellness Challenge, which helped them stay in excellent physical condition.

2nd Place | #TeamEP

Team Captain: Lisa Roelle

Teammates: Jennifer Silva, Bayley Roberts, Tracy Conner, Jordan Killen, Terri Cammarata, William Orr

As of the publication date of the article, HR Communications has contacted #TeamEP but has not yet received a response.

3rd Place | FIT (ISH)

The FIT (ISH) team is made up of Kristen Roles (team captain), Liz Wilson, Zachary Robben, and Carrie Burk.

Left to right: Liz Wilson, Kristen Roles, Carrie Burk

The success of FIT (ISH) can be attributed to their supportive teammates who hold each other accountable. They motivate one another to take their steps and even go for walks together. Friendly banter/heckling is not unusual, as they thrive on healthy competition and pushing each other to do better. However, their main goal is to support and encourage everyone to stay on track towards achieving their objectives.

It’s been truly enjoyable to see how this challenge has positively impacted our physical health. All members of our group have experienced noticeable improvements, and it’s rewarding to work together and offer support. Fortunately, trivia questions don’t factor into our overall score, which was a relief.

One of the most effective hacks we have found is to start small. By making small changes and sticking to them day after day, you’ll end up making habits that grow over time and help you get results!

Congratulations to the top teams and all participants! We hope that you found the resources provided to be valuable in promoting physical activity and healthy habits for your overall well-being.

Visit WashU’s Well-Being hub for further support in maintaining your health.

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