There is one CFU Award:

  • University Operations Award

The University Operations Award recognizes a Central Fiscal Unit (CFU) employee who provides exceptional customer service to our employees, students and community members and who demonstrates extraordinary contributions to WashU missions of education, research and patient care. This employee may impact both WashU and the larger St. Louis community by: creating a more equitable business ecosystem through collaboration with regional partners, fostering community collaborations to improve the quality of life for the larger St. Louis community, and supporting and building internal infrastructure to promote community outreach and expansion opportunities.

Winner receives $500 cash, a personalized plaque and recognition in the Record.

Eligibility details
  • Full-time current non-academic employee* with three (3) years of continuous service
  • Part of the Central Fiscal Unit (CFU) organizational structure (not a WUSM or Danforth Campus employee)
  • Recipient must demonstrate capabilities that exceed job expectations, including:
    • Provides exceptional customer service to WashU faculty, staff, trainees, students and external partners;
    • Create collaborative opportunities for community partnerships and regional businesses that positively impact WashU and the St. Louis region;
    • Expand community outreach and expansion to ensure WashU’s workforce and partners are representative of the St. Louis community;
    • Provides employment and retention opportunities for future and current employees that foster personal and professional career paths.
  • In good standing with their department (verified by WashU’s Employee Relations department)

*Staff members who are director level or above and non-academic staff members (those employed as union employees or contractors) are not eligible for this award.