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Navigating Leaves of Absence: Your Role in the Process

Taking leaves of absence from work can provide crucial support for personal or medical needs, ensuring job security and financial stability. If you anticipate being absent for more than three consecutive days due to illness, injury, or caregiving responsibilities, you have the option to request a leave of absence.

NOTE: Unum serves as WashU’s leave management vendor, overseeing leave requests and approvals/extensions.

To facilitate a smooth process when applying for FMLA, STMD, or Caregiver/Parental Leave, follow these steps:

  1. Provide comprehensive details in your initial application. Remember, the more thorough information you provide during your leave intake, the better equipped Unum will be during the review process, contributing to a smoother process.
  1. Regularly monitor your claim status and follow up as needed. Unum often requires ongoing medical documentation for extended claims. Ensure they have all the necessary information for approval or extension. You can conveniently track your claim status through the Unum App or online after registering at

After submitting your application, remember to check your claim status regularly and provide any additional information promptly to Unum for approval or extension.

Visit our website for more information and reach out to with any questions.