Leaves of Absence for Staff

Notify your manager

You must always follow your department’s call-in/notification procedures if you are unable to work.  You must first notify your manager or supervisor if you expect to be absent. If you expect to be out for more than 3 consecutive calendar days, you must also contact Unum at 1-866-371-5723 to determine if you need to request a leave of absence.

Request leave with Unum

Unum is our leave administrator. You can begin the process of requesting a leave/claim in one of three ways: call 1-866-371-5723, register for an online account via unum.com/claims, or  download the Unum Customer App: Android or  Apple iPhone

Online portal/app details     Quick guide: How to Request a Leave (DOC)

Provide all requested information to Unum

Be prepared to provide basic personal information as well as details about your absence and your healthcare provider(s) to Unum. Unum reviews all information and determines if the leave is approved or denied. Your claim status will be available 24/7 through unum.com/claims.

Return to work

Notify Unum of your return to work date and email your completed Return to Work release form to both your manager as well as the WashU Leaves team at mytimeoff@wustl.edu.

Unum Claim FAQs

When do I contact Unum?

If you expect to be out for more than 3 consecutive calendar days, you must also contact Unum to determine if you need to request a leave of absence.

You must report a new leave within 14 calendar days of your first absence. Otherwise, your leave under the FMLA and/or State leave law, where applicable, may be denied.

You may report a claim up to 30 days in advance of a planned absence OR as soon as you are aware that you will be absent for any of these reasons:

  • Your health care provider has determined you are unable to work due to illness, injury or pregnancy.
  • To care for a family member who has a serious health condition.
  • To care for a child due to birth, adoption or foster care placement.
  • A qualifying exigency leave.
  • To care for family member who has incurred a serious illness or injury incurred in the line of duty on active duty in the Armed Forces (includes the National Guard or Reserves).
  • For any other type of leave that may be covered by applicable state leave laws.

What information will I need to provide?

  1. Your full legal name, social security number or employee ID number, home address, phone number, date of birth and marital status
  2. WashU’s Policy #: 427249
  3. Occupation (or job title) Supervisor’s name
  4. Your last day worked and your first day absent from work due to your claim and/or leave request and the day you plan to return to work
  5. Healthcare provider name, address, fax and phone number of each provider you are seeing for this absence.

What other information may be requested?

A brief description of your medical condition including cause of condition (illness or injury), date of injury or beginning of illness, and whether it’s work-related. 

The dates of your first visit, your most recent visit, and your next scheduled visit with your healthcare provider for this condition.

Prompt and complete information from you and your healthcare provider which will help assure a timely decision and payment if you are eligible.

What happens next?

Once all the required information is received and reviewed by the Unum leave event specialist, a decision will be made on your claim within 5 days of receipt of complete claim information.

Your claim status is available 24/7 through unum.com/claims. Your Unum leave event specialist will provide written updates on your claim status. Unum may require additional medical information to better understand your claim. The timing of the decision depends on how quickly the information is received. Unum will partner with you to gather all required information for the duration of your claim.

How do I get paid?

STMD benefit payments are paid by WashU for employees with accrued sick time balances greater than 50 days.

Once the balance is 50 days or less, the 60% STMD benefit for your injury, illness or healthcare need and the 100% STMD benefit for pregnancy post- delivery are paid by Unum on a weekly basis.

Employees receiving the 60% STMD benefits must use sick time and vacation to “top up” the benefits until sick and vacation are exhausted.

Employees who have 50 sick days or less do not have the option to elect sick or vacation time instead of the Unum benefit.  Employees are required to contact Unum to request STMD.  Sick and vacation usage is limited to the 40% “top-up”.

How do I report intermittent leave time?

If you have been approved for an intermittent leave, you are required to report any leave time used.

You must:

  • Contact your manager or supervisor as soon as you know you will be out of work due to your intermittent leave.
  • Contact Unum as soon as possible each time you need to take intermittent leave. Otherwise, your leave under the FMLA and/or State leave law, where applicable, may be denied.

What if I’m out for an extended period of time?

Your Unum leave event specialist will stay in contact with you, your physician and your employer as needed to monitor the progress of your medical condition. Periodically, depending upon the specific circumstances of your claim, we will reassess your eligibility for benefits. With more serious conditions which could mean long-term inability to work, we will refer you to someone who can help you apply for additional benefits that may be available to you and to other family members through Social Security Disability Income (SSDI).

What do I need to do in order to return to work?

Notify your manager and Unum of the date you plan to return to work.

You are required to provide a Return to Work release form from your provider if your absence is due to your own health condition.

Provide a copy of the release form to your manager and WashU’s Leave Team at mytimeoff@wustl.edu.

What if I disagree with the claim decision?

Unum’s claim process is designed to ensure that your claim receives a thorough, fair and objective evaluation. In addition, numerous safeguards are in place throughout the process to ensure the integrity of decisions that result from our evaluation. If Unum determines that benefits are not payable either in whole or in part, you may appeal the decision by requesting a separate, impartial review from Unum’s quality performance support unit.



For questions or concerns about your claim: