How do I get paid?

The 60% STMD benefit for your injury, illness or healthcare need and the 100% STMD benefit for pregnancy post-delivery are paid by WashU on the normal payroll schedule.

Employees with accrued sick time balances greater than 50 days must use sick time during STMD until their sick time balance reduces to 50 days.

Employees receiving the 60% STMD benefits must use sick time and vacation to “top up” the benefits until sick and vacation are exhausted.

Employees who have 50 sick days or less do not have the option to elect sick or vacation time instead of the STMD benefit. All employees are required to contact Unum to request STMD. Sick and vacation usage is limited to the 40% “top-up”.

Caregiver/Parental Leave benefit payments are paid by WashU on the normal payroll schedule.

View details on employee pay (PDF) during the various types of leaves at the university.

More questions?

Contact your Unum leave event specialist for questions or concerns about your claim, or reach out to the WashU leaves team:


  • Submit questions through your online account.
  • Call toll-free 866-371-5723

WashU Leaves Team

  • Submit questions via email to
  • Call 314-935-2332 or 866-232-1482, select option 1 for Benefits and then option 3 for Leaves