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Wellness Champion Spotlight: Erin Hogan & Deanna Blanchard

Erin Hogan and Deanna Blanchard are Wellness Connection Champions for the MyDay team who have hit the ground running in a unique situation. The entire MyDay team is a newly formed collection of WashU employees, senior leaders, and outside consultants, whose job is to address a major  “once-in-a-generation” project for the University. Erin & Deanna joined the Champion network within the past year and work closely with each other, their supervisors, and Wellness Connection to personalize wellness options for their department and to support their colleagues.

Erin and Deanna, you two have done an amazing job as Wellness Champions for your department. Can you provide some insight on the initiatives you’ve implemented?

Microsoft Office Teams wellness channel
Our department utilizes Microsoft Office Teams as a way to communicate and work with each other. We started a channel devoted to wellness, which has been a great way to communicate with our team. It allows us to store all of our files in one place and makes them easily accessible to everyone in the MyDay Program. Using the channel also allows us to tag the program and notify them when there is something new for them to see.

Garnering supervisor support
Our supervisors have been very supportive of us and the University’s wellness initiative, which makes it much easier to present ideas to the group. When the team sees the support of the supervisors and their participation, then it seems they are also more willing to participate and join in. It is important that everyone takes some time to practice wellness.

Working closely with Wellness Connection to personalize wellness for the MyDay team
We’ve been working with Wellness Connection to have a regular presence at our monthly staff meetings, including:

  • MyWay to Health providing an introduction to their program, followed up with a dietitian onsite to meet individually with MyDay employees;
  • Onsite Nurse Advocate Teresa Fisher providing an introduction to her program, followed up by a day where she’s onsite to meet with employees and perform blood pressure checks;
  • Move Into Mindfulness MBSR program introduction, and we’re working to schedule a regular practice with Meg Krejci;
  • Opportunities for physical activity on campus, including presentations by Sumers Recreation Center and the new onsite group fitness classes; and
  • Environmental Health & Safety to present on workplace ergonomics.

Everyone knows to expect it and we always have a good response. They enjoy hearing about new events and programs that Wellness Connection offers. I think it has exposed some team members to ideas/practices that they may not have had time for.

What has it been like to work closely with another Champion in your department?
It has been great to work closely with another champion in my department. When things get busy we rely on each other to help promote Wellness Connection programs to the MyDay Team. It is also helpful to just know there is someone else here to help and support the initiative.

Erin & Deanna, thank you for your creative and impactful efforts to support your team and foster a culture of health and wellness in your work area.

If you’d like to learn more about the Wellness Connection Champion network, check out our website: