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Wellness Champion Spotlight: Work of Art Team Captains

Use mindfulness and other healthy ways to lower stress.

Wellness Connection is offering a new type of wellness challenge this summer; little did we know how timely this emotional fitness campaign would be when planning for it last fall. We’ve heard a lot of feedback from our Champion network on how Work of Art has been beneficial to them and their teammates, including this quote from Karen Leingang, a member of the Wellness Champion Leadership team.

I just want to share that I have had several co-workers tell me how timely the Work of Art activities have been for them. They have been dealing with sudden deaths, COVID-19 scares, taking care of family members, and being the rock that holds their family units together. The activities help remind them to appreciate the little things in life. Thank you for the change of direction in the employee wellness challenge.

Role of a Wellness Connection Champion

Champions continue to promote a healthy work environment by participating in Wellness Connection programming and encouraging their colleagues to do the same. The graphs below demonstrate that while Champions make up 6% of total participants, they lead the way as Team Captains (one in every five captains is a Wellness Champion):


More than 1,400 WashU employees are participating in Work of Art. This is the highest participation rate of any of our shorter summer challenges! A special thank you to our Wellness Champions for helping to communicate this new wellness challenge and motivating your workgroups to participate.

I want to give a shout out to our Wellness Connection Work of Art Team Captains:

Champion Team Captain Team Name
Arnold, Melissa Brown BAT
Babka, Jenny Stroke Striders
Barrett, Cheryl Artful beginnings
Biver, Sam Dalí Llamas
Blanchard, Deanna MyDay FIN
Byers, Jennifer Skywalkers
Casanova, Cheri PsychMovers
Clark, Kathy Recruiting Royalty
Cordner, Theresa GoOncVanGogh
Dickey, Denise RO Art Enthusiasts
Dilberovic, Vildana PT Dream Team
Everett, Sydney SC Wellness
Fleshman, Linda WashU Warriors
Fuchs, Jean Art of Life
Gibson, Ashley Disruptive Wellness
Goshtaiy, Hatice Super Women
Harvey, Kenytha PBN Strong
Hemingway, Britt Don’t Worry Be Happy!
Hildebrandt, Theresa Mindless Matters
Horn, Theresa Protective Services
Hundley, Chelsey The Art of Stepping
Hyde, Krista Art of Safety
Jennings, Lara Globe Artistas
Kelahan, Josh Mad Minions
Klosterman, Heidi Themis Illuminated
Leingang, Karen Just Do IT
Lohmann, Sherry PT Cruisers
Luecke, Matt Oncology Admin Team
MacKay, Donna DOVS Clinical Trials
Matuszczak, Richard Bell Bottom Blues
Minner, Monika Life is good
Nyapete, Natalie MyWay To Health
O’Neal, Sara Keep Calm and Carry On
Ortbals, Leanne Sunshine on a Cloudy Day
Patterson, Kim Dream Catchers
Pena, Sheri You got this!
Perlow, Leslie United Pursuit
Peterson, Kim summertime ambulation
Putney, Meredith Phase 1
Quest, Nate GPOlin
Richardson, Jana Covid Crushers
Schreier, Linda Simple Pleasures
Schwieterman, Jessie Lymphfamily
Sharma, Mala Chalna Phirna
Shelton, Rachel Advancement Gets Active
Stevens, Bridget OFMD Champions
Szteinberg, Gaby Active Chemistry
Thier, Diane MSK
Todd, Lauren Hard Seltzer
Venteris, Nicole MedAdv
Walker, Thomas Continued Blessings
Warren, Amy Crazy about Wellness
Wilmot, Tara Team CHN

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 to learn more about the Wellness Connection Champion network, check out our website: