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Wellness Champion Spotlight: WashU Couch to 5K Team Captains

I’d like to take this opportunity to recognize all of the Wellness Champions who rallied their teammates to join the spring wellness challenge, Couch to 5K. Championing a culture of wellness can be difficult in a shifting and virtual environment, and our network of Wellness Champions continues to communicate Wellness Connection programming to their colleagues and connect employees with vital University resources. Leading up to the spring challenge, they provided feedback that helped us successfully launch a new kind of wellness challenge in partnership with WashU Program in Physical Therapy.

Approximately 2,600 WashU employees participated in the WUC25K challenge. The charts below demonstrate that while Champions made up 4% of all participants, they led the way as Team Captains – 27% of all team leaders were Wellness Champions:

My sincerest gratitude to our Wellness Champion network for encouraging your colleagues to carve out time for themselves to be active during the challenge.

A special shout out to each of our Wellness Champion Team Captains:

Wellness Champion Team CaptainWUC25K Team Name
Babka, JennyStroke Striders
Barrett, CherylHeme Team Movers
Biver, SamSalt-N-Stepa
Brady, LaurieMaRs Movers
Burns, Atiqua5KReady
Byers, JenniferSkyWalkers
Casanova, CheriPsychMovers
Chappell, CindyLab Rats
Colson, RebekahCouch pOTatoes Unite!
Daphna-Iken, DoritWalking for fun
Dickey, DeniseRadiators
Dilberovic, VildanaPT Dream Team
Downey, RobRM Sourcerers
Early, RosalindSpin Doctors
Everett, SydneySkandy Steppers
Fleshman, LindaWashU Warriors
Flynn, KatHerd of Turtles
Fuchs, JeanBiology Lifers
Hammett, MaryTater Trots
Helms, VictoriaSleep Walkers
Hildebrandt, TheresaToo Inspired to be Tired
Holzhauer, JenniferChild Psych team
Horn, TheresaProtective Services 24/7
Hummel, MelissaRad Walkers
Hundley, ChelseyRun WCC
Hyde, KristaFit for Safety
Jennings, LaraOISS & CDI Trotters
Johnson, RachaelTrailblazers
Knoten, AmandaKeepin’ it Renal
Leingang, KarenJust Do IT
Lischer, MelanieOT Clinical Movers
Lohmann, SherryPT Cruisers
MacKay, DonnaThe running Eyes
Matteuzzi, ChristyLit Fitness
Matuszczak, RichardCan you see me now?
McDaniel, ShondaScrambled Legs
Minner, MonikaLife is good
Patterson, JamieMajor Steps&Capital Gains
Patterson, MichelleENVSyOOS
Pena, SheriNo Spring Chickens Here
Perlow, LeslieUnited Pursuit
Peterson, KimLet’s Do This
Putney, MeredithPhase I
Quest, NateOlin GPOff the Couch!
Richardson, JanaOto Team
Ruwitch, MelissaHealthy HABIFS
Schreier, LindaThe Stat Pack
Schulte, DanielleIon The Prize
Schwieterman, JessieLymphfamily Couch to 5K
Sharma, MalaTeam Awesome
Tallchief, DaniSleep Walkerzzz
Tigges, LisaBeeting the Pavement
Todd, LaurenRun the World
Vaeth, JenLegal Legs
VanEssendelft, AmyCEL Cruisers
Warren, AmyPsyched for Wellness
Wiegert, AndyOEasy like Sunday Morning
Williams , NygelFast But Not Furious
Williams , PaulaDOMs Stepping Out Team
Wilmot, TaraThe Walkamolies
Wellness Connection Staff Teams
Hafner, NikkiEasier Said Than Run
Buschhorn, LaurenWalkie Talkies
Page, EmilyThe Mood Boosters
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Join our growing network of Wellness Champions! Learn more about the role here.