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Wellness Champion Spotlight | Spring into Motion Team Captains

Wellness Champion Team Captains promote a healthy workplace that values movement during the workday.
Spring Into Motion

I’d like to recognize all of the Wellness Champions who rallied their teammates to join the new spring wellness challenge, Spring into Motion.

Wellness Champions are provided with a toolkit for team captains that equips them with knowledge about the challenge and helps them think about how to encourage their coworkers to participate. They use a variety of tools to spread the word: speak at staff meetings; post in their MS Teams wellness channel; send emails; post on physical or virtual bulletin boards; and good ‘ol word of mouth. Thank you for your leadership and your commitment to Wellness Connection and your colleagues.

Champions: Take a moment to think about everyone who joined the challenge because of you. These people are now thinking about their movement and activity levels every day for eight weeks (or longer!). You are making an impact on the health and lives of your workgroups.

Approximately 1800 WashU employees are participating in the Spring into Motion challenge. The charts below demonstrate that while Champions make up 5% of all participants, they lead the way as Team Captains: 30% of all team leaders are Wellness Champions:

A big thank you to our Wellness Champion network for supporting our 8IGHT Ways to Wellness evidence-backed strategy, and for encouraging your colleagues to be mindful of their movement during the workday.

A special shout out to each of our Wellness Champion Team Captains and their creative team names:

Wellness Champion Team CaptainSpring into Motion Team Name
Amurao, MaxEHS In Motion
Anglin, BethWalk by Design
Babka, JennyNeuro Navigators
Barrett, CherylThe Hema Team
Boeger, HolleyWalk This Way
Byers, JenniferSkyWalkers
Chappell, CindyLab Rats
Colson, RebekahmOTion Activated
Daphna-Iken, Doritmove and shine
Dickey, DeniseRadOnc Resurgence
Downey, RobRM Sourcerers
Flynn, KatAppealing to All
Fuchs, JeanBiology Lifers
Goshtaiy, HaticeRed Hot Chili Steppers
Herrera, ErinThe knockouts 
Holzhauer, JenniferChild Psych in Motion
Horn, TheresaProtective Services 24/7
Howell, RaemaOFMD Striders
Hummel, MelissaMIR Motion
Hundley, ChelseyAll About That Pace
Jennings, LaraGlobe Trotters
Johnson, RachaelSpring into Action
Kelahan, JoshThe Swamp Stompers
Kirk, BridgetDCR Goal Getters
Koenig, CandaceCreating CAMmotion
Leingang, KarenJust do IT
Lischer, MelanieWalkupational Therapy
Lohmann, SherryPT Cruisers
Lyons, CherylONCResearch AdmIn Motion
MacKay, DonnaThe walking eyes
Matteuzzi, ChristyReference Racers
McConnell, KarenWalking to Compliance
McDaniel, ShondaRelentless
Navo, KatieMed Onc NPs On The Move
Nigh, NancySkandy Steppers
Payne, WhitneySleeping Draughtzzz
Perlow, LeslieAthletics and Rec Bears
Peterson, Kimepic spring
Pierce, CoraDouble A Team
Richardson, JanaTeam Oto
Ruwitch, MelissaHealthy Habifs
Schreier, LindaThe Stat Pack
Schulte, DanielleDashing DoN
Sharma, Malawalk4fun
Strong, EmilyMiracle Kids
Twedt, RachelSpin Doctors
Vaeth, JenOGC – Legal Legs
Valko, CherylPRC-ya on a walk
Walker, ThomasTech Trekkers
Warren, AmyPsyched for Spring
Wiegert, AndyOGS is OGS
Williams , PaulaDBBS Moving
Wilmot, TaraCirque de Sore Legs
Hafner, NikkiEasier Said Than Run
Buschhorn, LaurenSpring in Our Step
Page, EmilyNo Spring Chickens
Danforth, MaggieWalk MyWay
*as of March 22, 2022

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