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Wellness Champion Spotlight: Sherry Lohmann

Sherry Lohmann,
Program in Physical Therapy

While Sherry officially joined the Wellness Champions in January of 2019, she has long been doing the work of a Wellness Champion. When I used to coordinate the onsite screenings, I could always count on Sherry to help promote the screening event in her building, rounding up employees who wanted to “Know Their Numbers”. She’s also been a long-standing Team Captain for our wellness challenges, creating large inclusive teams and encouraging movement during the day. Sherry has also been great about working with her supervisor, Dr. Gammon Earhart, to communicate Wellness Connection resources and foster a culture of health and well-being within their department – including coordinating a Benefits Chat presentation at a recent Program meeting.

What motivates you to volunteer as a Wellness Champion?

I like to help people, and seeing people happy and healthy is motivating. In Physical Therapy everything is about movement, so as a whole this group is already motivated to move, which helps me to volunteer as a Wellness Champion.  I am also thankful that WU values healthy employees and makes these events and challenges available to us.

Are there any unique aspects of your department that affect your role as Wellness Champion?

Our Director is very supportive of WU’s Wellness Connection mission and supports employee participation in wellness events and activities. We have even provided incentives for employee participation in past events – this is in addition to the rewards individuals can earn by their own success in meeting goals established for the activity provided by Wellness Connection.

How has the pandemic impacted your department and role as a Champion?

My Director sends a weekly email to all employees and students in the Program in Physical Therapy and includes a wellness section, where I can contribute resources that may be of interest to my co-workers. This has worked especially well during the pandemic since I’m not able to see my co-workers in person.

Tell us about some things you’ve been able to do to help foster a culture of well-being in your department.

I have encouraged my co-workers to participate in activities and meet the goals they have set for themselves. This task is much easier when we are working on-site and I can walk around the office reminding people to get up from their desks and move. We tend to have some competitive people in our group so in many ways these activities have proven to be an opportunity for some friendly competition.

Sherry, thank you for being a leader of wellness in your department and for all of the great work you’re doing as part of the Champion network!

Become a Champion! If you’d like to learn more about the Wellness Connection Champion network and how to foster a culture of health and well-being in your department, check out our website: hr.wustl.edu/wellness-connection/champions/.

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