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Wellness Champion Spotlight: Sam Biver & the Healthy Work Center

Sam Biver, MPH, and the Healthy Work Center in the GMS Division

Sam has been an integral part of our new strategy this year to mobilize the efforts of our Champion network, using the Human Centered Design approach to problem solving. He works closely with Wellness Connection to map out the strategy and co-facilitate the 2020 workshops. He’s also joined the Champion Leadership group, which meets regularly to provide an organizational framework to support the Champions network as we continue to grow.

“It’s a team effort”

We are the Healthy Work Center in the General Medical Sciences (GMS) Division and in our own workplace we really try to practice what we research and promote. Our team is enthusiastic when it comes to Wellness Connection programs and activity challenges, and we encourage and support participation among our colleagues. Our positive culture around health and wellness is a team effort and has been building over the last several years. A few year back the division got a treadmill desk that people in our department can reserve and use to take a healthy break. Here are just a few of the people on are team who are actively working to create a work environment that is supportive of health: 

Champion Spotlight

Jaime Strickland: is our center manager and provides fantastic leadership support.  She leads as team captain during the activity challenges, supports a positive culture of health and wellness, and develops positive and encouraging relationships with her team. She also coordinates social and team building activities in and outside of the office.

Bridget Kirk: leads chair yoga classes for our department as well as yoga classes for the Employee Group Fitness Series at Olin Residence Hall.

Brandie Thurman: is friendly, supportive of everyone in our suite, and creates a positive social environment through her daily interactions and planning social events. She also coordinated an onsite Mind-Body Stress Reduction program for our division.

Sam Biver: Wellness Champion. He started a fruit my cube initiative, where a group of about 13 people in the department chipped in to have fruit delivered every other week.  He is also the team captain of the prestigious Salt-N-Stepa team for the activity challenges.

Richard Fair and Dr. Brad Evanoff: provide leadership support and enthusiastically allow us promote total wellness in our division.

Dr. Evanoff & Sam Biver discussed their research at the Wellness Connection Champion appreciation luncheon in November 2019. View that presentation and learn more about the Working for You Study & Participatory Teams approach to work site wellness.

Sam, thank you for sharing your story and working with your colleagues to foster a culture of health and wellness in your work area.

If you’d like to learn more about the Wellness Connection Champion network, check out our website: