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Wellness Champion Spotlight | Jennifer Byers in Department of Radiology

Jennifer Byers
Research Patient Coordinator II
Department of Radiology

Since Jen Byers first joined the Wellness Champion network in December of 2019, her passion for her work and her role as a Champion in support of her colleagues has stood out to me. An active Champion, Jen participates in Wellness Connection programming, organizes events for her workgroups, and helps to connect her co-workers with WashU resouces.

What motivates you to volunteer as a Wellness Champion?

I really love to see people happy! Stress is so hard on our bodies and our brains. I have always loved to motivate people and realized early on that movement is magic. Tread the Med was my first taste in wellness at WashU, and there’s been no stopping me since! I am very competitive and love the wellness challenges. I love to volunteer because I’ve noticed WashU employees work tirelessly to improve the world around us through research, and I want to give back to all those who put so much time and energy into their jobs here at WashU. My wellness challenge team from Pediatrics followed me when I moved to Radiology; knowing they enjoy having me as their team captain keeps me going.

Are there any unique aspects of your department that make it challenging or rewarding to be a Champion?

I see a ton of very intelligent people work hard all the time but I don’t often see them prioritize their own well-being. That’s really what motivates me – the drive to keep people around me healthy. It takes a village to support such an amazing division.

What are some actions you’ve taken to foster a culture of well-being in your department?

I’m currently in the process of organizing a mini-wellness fair for our building with my co-champion Melissa Hummel. I’ve requested presentations from the Wellness Connection team to talk to my lab about various resources we can use to prioritize wellness. In the past I’ve coordinated holiday gatherings, a snow cone truck, cat cafe fun, and more, for our labs here in Radiology. The pandemic has really been hard on all of us.

Jen, thank you for your efforts and your fun & positive attitude! I look forward to a continued partnership to promote health education and awareness at WashU.

Circular logo with text Wellness Connection Champion NetworkBecome a Champion! If you’d like to learn more about the Wellness Connection Champion network and how to foster a culture of health and well-being in your department, check out our website: hr.wustl.edu/wellness-connection/champions/.