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Wellness Champion Spotlight | Jean Fuchs in A&S Biology


Jean Fuchs
Contract & Grants Coordinator
Arts & Sciences | Biology

Jean Fuchs has been an active and supportive Champion ever since she joined the Wellness Champion network in January of 2020. I’ve been particularly impressed by her efforts as Team Captain throughout the various challenges, as she promotes an inclusive and encouraging environment for her colleagues to learn about and participate in wellness programming. 

What motivates you to volunteer as a Wellness Champion?

I’ve been a wellness advocate ever since the first activity challenge was offered – however long ago that was. I liked the challenge of attaining a personal goal; this was manageable because I walked my dogs every morning and then commuted to campus via the Metrolink. One of the aspects of my job that I loved most was the walk across campus before and after work. This gave me ten minutes to enjoy the beautiful campus each morning, and again after work to wind down before heading home. I think incorporating any physical activity in your day helps to attain a level of wellness that a sedentary lifestyle misses.

Are there any unique aspects of your department that make it challenging or rewarding to be a Champion?

The Biology Department is one of the largest in the Arts & Sciences school. Communicating via email was one of the better solutions for reaching employees and providing wellness resources. Prior to COVID, I was planning on getting and updating a bulletin board with wellness information and activities, but the shift to remote work required some innovation. 

I am retiring this summer, so it would be great to have some co-champions to advance wellness within our large department. The Biology staff committee is committed to wellness and will help support any new Wellness Champions. 

What are some actions you’ve taken to foster a culture of well-being in your department?

Since I love the challenges, I’ve really encouraged Biology employees to participate. I’m always happy when I have a team of more than five; recently we even had two teams participate! I was very excited about that milestone. I also encourage the annual biometric screening events. It’s so important to establish health baselines and know your numbers in order to maintain health as one ages.


Jean, thank you for your dedication and efforts to promote wellness in Biology, and congratulations on your retirement!!!

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