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Wellness Champion Spotlight | Colorful Choices Team Captains

Eat a healthy diet and keep calories in check.

I’d like to recognize all of the Wellness Champions who rallied their teammates to join the new summer wellness challenge, Colorful Choices. Thank you for your leadership and your commitment to Wellness Connection and your colleagues. Your ingenuity, determination, and creativity are inspiring.

Approximately 900 WashU employees participated in the Colorful Choices campaign. The charts below demonstrate that while Champions made up 8% of all participants, they led the way as Team Captains: 36% of all team leaders were Wellness Champions:

A big thank you to our Wellness Champion network for supporting our 8IGHT Ways to Wellness evidence-backed strategy, and for encouraging your colleagues to be cognizant about their nutrition on a daily basis.

A special shout out to each of our Wellness Champion Team Captains and their creative team names:

Wellness Champion Team Captain Colorful Choices Team Name
Amurao, Max (Dr.) EH&S Color Squad
Babka, Jenny Nutritious Neuro
Byers, Jennifer Skywalkers
Chappell, Cindy Lab Rats
Colson, Rebekah Broccupational Therapy
Dilberovic, Vildana PT Dream Team
Downey, Rob RM Sourcerers
Early, Rosalind Spin Doctors
Fuchs, Jean Biology Lifers
Holzhauer, Jennifer Psych Foodie Friends
Jennings, Lara Diversity & Inclusion Trotters
Leingang, Karen Just  Do IT
Lohmann, Sherry PT Cruisers
Lyons, Cheryl The Fruit Oncs!
MacKay, Donna The Colorful Eyes
Marshall, Bess (Dr.) KidEndos
Pena, Sheri Color Fusion
Richardson, Jana Team Oto
Ruwitch, Melissa Healthy Habifs
Schreier, Linda OHIDS Green Team
Sharma, Mala Genetic Footprinters
Thompson, Michael Protective Services
Tigges, Lisa Taste the Rainbow
Vaeth, Jen Colorful Counsel
Warren, Amy Psyched for Wellness
Hafner, Nikki Herb Your Enthusiasm
Buschhorn, Lauren Some Cute Cucumbers 
Page, Emily Fresh Foodies

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