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Election Day is November 6. Here are a few resources to help you manage your schedule at work and learn more about ballot information.

Time Off to Vote

The university supports an employee’s right to exercise their civic responsibility. Under state law, and subject to the following conditions, full- and part-time employees will be permitted to take time off to vote. To qualify, an employee must give his or her supervisor notice one working day in advance of the Election Day. The time off will only be granted at the beginning or end of the normal work schedule at the discretion of the supervisor. More details on this policy can be found in the Employee Handbook on Page 30.

Managing Time Off: 

As the November 6 election approaches, we are asking management to remind staff of the University’s policy with regard to time off for voting. We urge all managers and supervisors to proactively discuss this policy with their staff in order to encourage and facilitate our employees’ exercise of their civic responsibility. Read more details on managing time off for voting.

WashU Votes Information from Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement

Nonpartisan ballot information can be found at https://www.ballotready.org/ or in voter guides published by the Campus Election Engagement Project, https://campuselect.org/voter-education/candidate-issue-guides/.