COVID Well-being News

Spread hope to healthcare heroes

Our healthcare workers and staff are stepping up in extraordinary ways. Send messages of hope and gratitude to support the medical professionals on the front lines, and all who bravely come to work for the greater good.

As a part of the Care and Connection efforts, messages are shared on social media, on digital signage at the School of Medicine and on a special “wall of hope” to be displayed at the Medical Campus. Send a personal note, use one of the Care and Connection card templates or make your own card! This is a community-wide effort, and employees are encouraged to invite friends and family to participate. Cards can be sent digitally or via mail. View details on the Care and Connection hub. We are in this together, and we are stronger together. Help spread hope by sending encouragement to our healthcare heroes.

View the Care and Connection Toolkit for card templates, mailing address and a digital upload portal.

More ways to thank healthcare heroes:

  • Join the Rise Up for Heroes effort, and participate in the Rise up Salute. Rise Up For Heroes is asking everyone in the community to “rise up” and salute front-line heroes however they see fit. This could include clapping, tipping their hat, dancing or singing, yard signs or making a donation if they are able. This will occur nightly at 7 p.m. throughout the entire St. Louis region during the Pandemic. Open to all in the region; in their homes or on porches. View details.
  • Stay home and follow guidelines to stop the spread of the virus.