What is Walktober?

It’s a fun and inspiring way to take advantage of autumn’s cool temperatures and spectacular views as you step out and step up to better health. You’ll be taken on a virtual color tour through some of the world’s most vibrant, breathtaking landscapes – while boosting energy, improving mood, and making walking a priority…for life.

How does it work?

Your goal is to collect 30 leaves – 1 leaf each day, when you log 6,000+ steps, for the 42-day program. You can use a tracking device, enter manually, or add exercise minutes that convert automatically.

What is the goal?

Earn 1 leaf, 5+ days a week by tracking steps:

6000-7999 steps = Red leaf (3 points)

8000-9999 steps = Orange leaf (4 points)

10,000+ steps = Gold leaf (5 points)

Who can participate?

All benefits eligible employees are able to participate. Whether you’re just starting out or exercise has been part of your daily routine for a while, Walktober gives you simple, motivating tools to track progress, providing instant feedback from your favorite tracking device or app.

How do the activity trackers/ apps sync to my Walktober account?

Once you register and connect a device or app to your Walktober account, it’s simple. Just put your device on in the mornings, then each time you sync it with your computer or app and log into your Walktober account, you will see your steps add up.

If my activity isn’t accurately measured with a tracker – like cycling – how to I count steps?

Just use the Step Converter in the Log drawer. Enter the activity and minutes, then Walktober does the conversion for you.

How do I get credit for my everyday movement if I’m not using a tracking device?

You’ve recorded your dedicated exercise minutes, but what about your movement throughout the day? You can manually add 2000-4000 steps for incidental movement each day, based on how active you were:

  • 2000 steps: I mostly stayed at my workstation except for occasional breaks.
  • 3000 steps: I moved a moderate amount, getting away from my workstation for short walks several times.
  • 4000 steps: I moved a lot, with frequent short walks to perform my job.

Why Friends?

Friends may be the most important Walktober feature. Having one or more join you improves your chance of success by 38% – and increases the fun by 100%. Visit the Friends page to send an invitation.

How does team participation work?

In this friendly throw-down, teams challenge each other to see who can top the leaderboard. Although you can participate on your own, being on a team may be the most fun part of this color tour. Scores are based on the team’s average leaf points, plus Thrive Thursday challenges (1 bonus point/ team member each week). Each person’s individual contribution affects the team score, so gather a group who will encourage and support each other along the way.

You have until October 13th to form a team of 4-20 members. The team competition will end November 19th, so be sure to log your steps by November 24th to have your activity count towards your team’s score.

Why do I want to be on a team?

It’s fun! Plus, joining with others striving for similar goals keeps you accountable – and doubles your chances of success. So start a team or join a team with members close by, across the hall, or around the world.

What are Thrive Thursday challenges?

If you’re on an official team, you’ll find an additional activity in your Thursday morning email and on the Team page – an everyday task to complete before midnight CT to earn a bonus point toward your team score.

If I have a disability, can I still participate in Walktober?

Yes; Walktober’s self-paced, flexible design fits people of all abilities. If walking isn’t possible, be as active as you can in whatever ways you enjoy. If you’re unsure which activities are best, check with your healthcare provider.

In Walktober, you can get credit for activities that don’t track steps by using the Step Converter in the Log drawer. If your activity isn’t listed, estimate your steps based on the closest in intensity (light, moderate, vigorous). An odometer can gauge distance in a wheelchair; 5 miles of pushing generally equals 10,000 steps (2000 steps per mile).

Is there a mobile app?

Log activity, view recipes, visit attractions and track your team – right from the palm of your hand. The Walktober mobile app automatically syncs with your online account…just log in using the same email and password.

How can I involve my child in Walktober?

Health Enhancement Systems put together a coloring page so your child can track their Walktober progress alongside you.

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