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Wellness Connection Champion Spotlight: 10K-A-Day Team Captains

During the April luncheons, Wellness Connection provided a sneak peek of the new activity challenge and asked the champions to participate, lead a team, & invite their colleagues to join in. You all knocked it out of the park: approximately 20% of all 10K-A-Day teams are led by Wellness Connection Champions – that’s amazing!

  • 85% of Wellness Champions are participating in the challenge;
  • 65% of those participating champions are also leading a team;
  • While champions make up 2.67% of all participants, they make up 19.12% of team captains.

Our captains continue to find ingenious and creative ways to lead, motivate, and encourage their teammates to incorporate more movement into their daily lives. Many of you send inspirational messages, regular reminders to log steps, and incorporate some version of friendly interoffice competition.

Sherry Lohmann & Mary Uhrich are team captains within the Program in Physical Therapy who organized a drawing for a gift basket for all of their colleagues who enrolled in 10K-A-Day.

Atia Thurman hosted a dedicated onsite screening event at the Brown School, which included a registration table for the challenge.

Thank you for your efforts in helping us communicate the activity challenge and starting or joining teams. Now let’s keep moving! Click here to log your steps.

Here are some tips to motivate your team throughout the 8-week challenge.

A shout out to our Wellness Connection Champion Team Captains:
Team CaptainTeam Name
Alexander, ErinCool Name Pending
Amos, LindaAll Over the MAP
Archie, BrendaLet’s Get Physics-al
Arnold, MelissaDiverse Buder SPIs
barrett, cherylThe Wright Giemsa Girls
Biver, SamuelSalt-N-Stepa
Blanchard, DeannaMyDay FIN
Clark, LoraThe “Wild” Walkers
Daphna-Iken, DoritRise & Shine
Elenbaas, ShaliThe Zip Recruiters
Fernandez, CarolynRadio-Active
Fleshman, LindaWashU Warriors
GOSHTAIY, HaticeNephrology
Harvey, KenythaPBN STEPPERS
Hildebrandt, TheresaTheresa’s Trekkers
Hogan, ErinGo Ahead, Make MyDay!
Horn, TheresaProServ
Hummel, MelissaRad Walkers
Hundley, ChelseyWCC (Walking Comp. Crew)
Jennings, LaraGlobe Trotters
Joshi, RadhikaJOSP
Klosterman, HeidiJustitia’s Travelers
Krussel, AndreaI2 Team in Training
Lane, CarolQuads of Fury
Leingang, KarenJust do IT
Lischer, MelanieWalk-upational Therapy
Lohmann, SherryPT Cruisers 1
MacKay, DonnaThe Walking Eyes
Masterson, JenniferwashucrewWW
Mazzucca, StephanieP-R-C You in Our Dust!
McDaniel, ShondaLiar Liar Legs on Fire
Patterson, JamieMajor Steps&Capital Gains
Patterson, KimPBS Rocks
Radcliffe, AnitaRoad Scholars
Rahman, MashiurSafety in Numbers
Richardson, JanaStraight Off the Couch
Roth, JessicaA League of Our Own
Schreier, LindaThe Stat Pack
Schulte, DaniellePublic Health Pacesetters
Shelton, RachelOlin ADMC
Stabenow, AmyAsleep on our Feet
Tallchief, DanielleSleep Walkers
Thurman, Atia-Tul+Alim¡Vamos!
Tigges, LisaRed Hot Chili Steppers
Todd, LaurenBooks take you places
Uhrich, MaryPT Cruisers 2
Valko, CherylPRC-ya on a walk
Venteris, NicoleGains Before Brains
Whitlow, BethaDSC Movers and Shakers
Wiegert, AndyBecker 2 – step
Williams, NygelPerlstrutters
Williams, PaulaDOMO Stepping Out