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Wellness Champion Spotlight: Walktober Team Captains


Faced with shifting responsibilities and with many of their coworkers in new, remote work environments, the Wellness Champions continue to promote a healthy workplace culture by participating in Wellness Connection programming and encouraging their colleagues to do the same. The graphs below demonstrate that while Champions make up 4% of total Walktober participants, they led the way as Team Captains: 28% of all team leaders were Champions.

Approximately 3,000 WashU employees are participating in Walktober. My sincerest gratitude to our Champion network for helping to spread the word about this wellness challenge and motivating your colleagues to participate and take some time for self-care.

 Shout out to our Wellness Connection Champion Walktober Team Captains:

Champion Team CaptainTeam Name
Babka, JennyStroke Striders
Barrett, CherylWright Geimsa Team
Biver, SamSalt-N-Stepa
Blanchard, DeannaMyDay FIN
Burns, AtiquaWalk N Burn
Byers, JenniferPeds Rocks2
Casanova, CheriPsychMovers
Chappell, CindyLab Rats
Cordner, TheresaWalktobers We Wear Pink
Daphna-Iken, DoritSunshine my day
Dickey, DeniseRO Motivators
Dilberovic, VildanaPT Dream Team
Downey, RobRM Sourcerers
Early, RosalindSpin Doctors
Everett, SydneySC Walkers
Fleshman, LindaWashU Warriors
Flynn, KatCranium Crew
Fuchs, JeanBiology Lifers
Gibson, AshleyHocus Pocus
Hemingway, BrittWalk at Homies
Hildebrandt, TheresaToo Inspired to be Tired
Hogan, ErinGo Ahead Make MyDay
Horn, TheresaProtective Services
Hundley, ChelseyFALL Into Fitness
Hyde, KristaEHS Walks!
Jennings, LaraOISS Globe Trotters
Johnson, RachaelTootsie Rollers
Knoten, AmandaKeeping it Renal
Leingang, KarenJust Do IT
Lischer, MelanieWalkupational Therapy
Lohmann, SherryPT Cruisers
MacKay, DonnaThe Walking Eyes
Matteuzzi, ChristyPandemic Academics 1
Matuszczak, RichardWhiskey Business
McDaniel, ShondaTake a Hike
Mezyk, BryanPacesetters
Nyapete, NatalieFalling into movement
Ortbals, LeannePumpkin Spice Walkers
Patterson, JamieMajor Steps&Capital Gains
Pena, SheriFalling into Fitness
Perlow, LeslieUnited Pursuit
Peterson, KimWalk This Way
Quest, NateGPOctober
Richardson, JanaOto Walk-tober
Ruwitch, MelissaHealthy Habifs
Schreier, LindaThe Stat Pack
Schulte, DanielleIon the Prize
Sharma, MalaGenetic Footprints
Shelton, RachelAdvancement Gets Active
Stabenow, AmyAsleep On Our Feet
Stevens, BridgetOFMD Halloween Hustlers
Tabak, RachelCOPPR
Tallchief, DaniThe Sleep Walkerzzz
Thier, DianeMSK
Todd, LaurenPandemic Academics 2
Vaeth, JenFully Executed
Warren, AmyCrazy for Fitness
Weeden-Smith, StefaniCivic Hikers
Williams , PaulaDOMS Stepping OUT!!
Wilmot, TaraThe Holy Walkamolies

Learn more about the Wellness Connection Champion network.