Wellness Champion Spotlight: Dani Tallchief

Dani Tallchief, RN, has been an exemplary Champion since joining us in 2018. Dani regularly participates in Wellness Connection programs and events, and supports University initiatives while personalizing wellness for the Department of Anesthesiology.

Dani collaborated with Wellness Connection to host a screening for her department, in which 42 people learned their numbers and earned a gift card. She’s also served as team captain for both wellness challenges in 2019. For the 10K-A-Day challenge, Dani regularly communicated with and motivated her teammates, kept them informed of program details, asked for feedback to improve user experience, and hosted a wrap-up party, complete with snacks, games, and giveaways.

Tell us a little about your journey as a Wellness Champion.

My efforts as a champion have revolved around spreading the word on the many Wellness programs the University has for its employees. Posting flyers, sending emails and discussing offerings in-person has raised awareness of wellness programming in our department. During activity challenges, I lead a team and invite colleagues to participate. Coaxing teammates to walk flights of steps has happened on more than one occasion. Some teammates call “uncle” while I try to get a few more flights out of them; others just call me “coach”.  I do know that we have fun in the process of motivating each other! These challenges bring about a sense of camaraderie among our group that carries over outside of work. A handful of us participated in a 5K and also signed up for the Employee Group Fitness Classes.

What motivates you to champion wellness in your work area, in addition to your regular job duties?

My mantra is to participate and motivate! My mind, body and spirit have benefited from participating in a number of programs and I am excited to share these experiences with my co-workers. Knowing that we work in a place that values our health and well-being brings about a feeling of worth.

Are there any unique aspects of your department that affect your role as Wellness Champion?

Our Department consists of Research Assistants, Coordinators, Nurses, Administrative Staff and PIs. On any given day we are often found on opposite ends of campus at varying hours throughout our workday. This makes it difficult to take the time to concentrate on wellness goals. In my role as a Champion, I am honored to serve as a conduit between them and important Wellness Connection information.

Dani, thank you for sharing your story, and for your creative and impactful efforts to support your team and foster a culture of health and wellness in your work area.

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