2024 Wellness Champion Spotlights


Lynder Scott, Monica White, and Michelle Bowels are the Wellness Champions in Physicians Billing Services. They have done a wonderful job utilizing different avenues to promote well-being within their department. Last calendar year, Lynder Scott reached out to the HR Well-being team to host 30 minute wellness meetings with PBS. In these meetings, the HR Well-being team has demonstrated the new financial well-being program, Enrich, and presented on open enrollment. Lynder is continuing to work with HR Well-being to bring new presentations to her workgroup in 2024. 

Monica White and Michelle Bowels worked together to bring 3 biometric health screenings to PBS located in the 1234 Kings Highway building. Their leadership in this area resulted in 149 employees being screened. This means more employees are aware of their biometric numbers and wellness resources available to them. Great work team! 


Janelle Donjon, one of the WashU Wellness Champions in Medical Oncology, hosted two health screenings in the Center for Advanced Medicine for her workgroup. Janelle worked with Emily Strong, one of the Wellness Coordinators, to secure a space and coordinate a times that worked best for the employees.

Janelle did a great job of bringing a health screening to a location that had limited space. Additionally, Janelle hosted two screenings on different days to ensure that the most people in her department would be able to have an opportunity to attend a health screening even if they didn’t work at that location every day.

Because of Janelle’s initiative, employees who were not able to attend the general health screening sessions were able to learn about their biometric numbers and the well-being resources available to them.


Wellness Champion, Cheryl Barrett, used the Champion Fund to purchase lunch boxes and reusable water bottles for her lab. The 7CAM clinical laboratory does not allow food or drink due to the biohazard samples tested in the laboratory. As a result, dehydration is a problem among staff. To help solve this problem, Cheryl proposed purchasing reusable water bottles the staff could keep in their locker outside of the lab to have easy access to hydration. Additionally, Cheryl requested funding for lunch boxes that store prepared food. By providing lunch containers, Cheryl eliminated a barrier of the lack of access to food in the CAM and partnered with MyWay to Health to provide education surrounding healthy eating.